Marathon Training Week 22

Things are really winding down with my marathon training yet I wasn’t quite ready to slow down. For the most part I stuck with the mileage I had on my calendar but you’ll see that on Friday I added some miles to my scheduled run. Honestly I just felt like running more that day so I went with it. I try to do active things on my rest day that aren’t forced or too strenuous. I also like to make sure Carlos and I get outside together. So here is the week in review.


Scheduled Run

Actual Workout

Sunday, 12/11/11 4 Mile Run 4 Mile Run


Monday, 12/12/11 3 Mile Run 3 miles at the gym in just under 30 minutes; upper and lower body strength training for 45 minutes


Tuesday, 12/13/11 Rest Day Rest Day (does Christmas shopping count as a workout because it sure felt like one?!)


Wednesday, 12/14/11 5 Mile Run 5 Mile Run


Thursday, 12/15/11 Rest Day Rest Day (Carlos and I went to the college track for over an hour. He rode his scooter while I walked. I think we did about 2 miles.)


Friday, 12/16/11 3 Mile Run 8.5 Mile Run


Saturday, 12/17/11 8 Mile Run 8 Mile Run


It was a strange week for me. I wrote many a blog post in my head but never got around to actually typing them. For no apparent reason I felt very emotional (nope not pregnant or PMSing). I seriously started crying on at least two of my runs. Nothing outrageous just a few tear bursts but it’s never happened before. Weird?! OK maybe not so weird given these things that might have contributed to my eruption of emotions like the holidays, my baby turning 5 years old, marathon training tapering, a very upsetting situation at work when I went to assist with a patient on another unit, the excess of food always around this time of year, my snug pants and a few other things that probably only upset me because I can be very sensitive.

It felt good to cry a bit. I’m starting this week with a plan and a refrigerator full of vegetables. I’ve decided to loosely follow my marathon training plan and just go with how I feel combined with lots of stretching, a couple days of strength training and Wii dancing!

6 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 22

  1. Sometimes things like yoga make me cry…I think there’s a scientific reason for it, but I can’t remember the specifics…

  2. Sometimes a good cry makes you feel better, you know? It is hard to explain – but I can certainly see how your baby turning 5 would do it! Denial is an awesome state to live in 🙂 Looks like you’re enjoying your Wii! How does your son like it?

    • My son loves the Wii. We had a blast doing the Just Dance Kids 2 yesterday afternoon. We were cracking up. My husband walked in while we were in action. He got quite a kick out of us!

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