FMM: Have You Ever?

I should probably rename this to Friend Makin’ Tuesday because I am in the habit of posting my Marathon Training weekly recap on Mondays. However, I like the change of pace that the question and answer format offers. It also lets me talk about something other than running. If you want to join in too answer the questions on your blog and then paste a link in the comments over on Kenlie’s blog All the Weigh.

FMM: Have You Ever?

1. …traveled outside of your home country?  If so, where?  I have lived in both Mexico and Mozambique. I’ve traveled to Niagra Falls and Quebec City, Canada. While living in Mozambique I visited Swaziland and South Africa. A couple of years ago we went on a very relaxing vacation to the Dominican Republic. This past September for our 10 year wedding anniversary my husband and I celebrated in Bermuda. I love to travel. This year we are hoping to visit Montreal and Portugal along with some U.S. destinations.

2. …performed on stage in front of at least 1,000 people? If so, share some details!  Oh my goodness never. I could never!

3. …watched an episode of Jersey Shore?  No I haven’t, but I hear it’s a hoot.

4. …baked a cake from scratch?  If so, what’s your specialty?  I have baked cakes from scratch though it’s been a while. My specialty is copying the wonderful recipes I find on food blogs.

5. …worked in a grocery store?  Yes I worked in a small food market when I was 15 years old. It was walking distance from my house.

6. …dated someone who was your best friend first?  No, but I would consider my husband my best friend.

7. …made a difference in someone’s life during Christmas?  Other than my son’s life (said with sarcasm). I’m not sure about this. I hope in some small way I made someone’s hospital stay a little more bearable on Christmas.

8. …been on TV?  Yes my swearing in ceremony for Peace Corps in Mozambique was televised and at the last minute my soon to be site mate had an attack of stage fright so I had to get up and read the speech in Portuguese that she was supposed to do. I was petrified too, but I felt so awful for her I just had to help her. Fortunately no one in Mozambique knew who I was at the time and they probably couldn’t understand me anyway since I had only recently learned Portuguese!

9. …had cosmetic surgery? No.

10. …learned a second language?  If so, what else do you speak? I speak Portuguese, much better now than when I gave that speech! I spoke Spanish but now it comes out sounding an awful lot like Portuguese. However, I’m still able to communicate with Spanish speaking patients which is extremely helpful where I work. They always seem grateful that I’m making an effort. I also speak enough of my husband’s first language, Shangana, to get around on my own in southern Mozambique. I understand more than I speak though I often don’t let on that I do and sometimes I surprise people when I know exactly what they just said. It’s fun and my accent always gets me a few laughs, but the Mozambicans love when I say anything in Shangana.

5 thoughts on “FMM: Have You Ever?

  1. Followed you here form All The Weigh- what fascinating answers! I’m so envious of all of your traveling you’ve been able to do. How cool is that?!?

    • Hi Deb, thanks for stopping by. I’ve really had a lot of fun on my travels. I’ve been very lucky to have visited such wonderful places. It’s the people that always make the experience great.

  2. I’m jealous of how much you have traveled! So awesome 🙂

    I’m also very impressed that you can communicate in those languages. I’m pretty terrible at Spanish and only know a little French

    • The Dominican was beautiful. We did not stay at an all inclusive so we did see quite a bit of the countryside. The people were so lovely.

      I did meet my husband when I was in the Peace Corps!

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