Thirty six years ago today I received one of the best early Christmas gifts a 2 year old little girl can receive…a baby sister. She was like a real life baby doll. I wanted to take care of her, feed her and play with her. Our lives have taken us along very different paths sometimes close and other times very far apart both physically and emotionally. As time passes our bond as sisters has grown stronger. Traditionally it is the younger sister who looks up to the older sister. I have always looked up to my sister. I was horribly awkward during the teen years while my sister seemed to flow effortlessly amongst any group. She was smart, athletic, beautiful and stylish. Most importantly she was genuinely nice to everyone. Those qualities only enhance the responsible, independent, worldly woman she has become. I am honored and so very lucky to have such a wonderful sister.

Fast forward 31 years. Five years ago today I was in the hospital awaiting the birth of my first child. At 6:29 pm on December 17 my baby boy, Carlos, was born on my sister’s birthday. I was due on December 23, but kept praying I would have the baby on the 17th. It just seemed fitting to have my child on a family member’s birthday as I was born on my grandmother’s birthday.

I love that my sister and her only nephew share a special bond too. He changed our lives in many ways and brought so much joy to this month that begins with such sad memories for us. Carlos was just what we needed in our family. Words could never come close to expressing how much I adore him. These are the days I want time to stop so I can hold on to my baby boy before he is all grown up.

Today he was all little boy, giddy with excitement. Our day started at the crack of dawn. Finally at 6:30 we crept downstairs to give Carlos his gifts. We had everything set up last night. We gave him a Disney Cars table and chairs set (not very exciting I know!, but his previous set broke when Orlando decided to sit on the table and he really wanted another one. He was thrilled that this one featured the characters from Cars).

The real gift was the Wii. He recently played it at two of our friends’ homes so we knew he would like it. We never imagined his reaction. He loved it. He was so surprised and kept thanking us over and over telling us we are the “bestest” mom and dad ever! Needless to say I spent hours this morning riding Luigi around various tracks in Mario Kart. Fortunately new games were on their way later in the day.

Wii action

Krazy for Mario Kart

After hours of Wii I decided that as the mother of the birthday boy I too deserved a gift so I took some time to enjoy a nice 8 mile run on yet another gorgeous December day. From one mother to another I thank you Mother Nature. I did a slightly different route around home and it ended up being quite a hilly run with winds in my face for about half of it. I enjoyed the challenge though and actually made good time.

This evening we had family and good friends and their son over for pizza and cake to celebrate Carlos’ big day.

I couldn’t get a decent picture of Carlos blowing out the candle to save my life. His friend kept trying to blow out the candle too. It was a little crazy. This was the best I could do.

Carlos sitting with his Nonna and friend

My baby boyย I mean big boy is sound asleep. I just went to check on him. I could sit and watch him sleep all day long. There is nothing more peaceful than a sleeping child or baby. ย I am so blessed to have a beautiful, healthy son and a beautiful, healthy sister. So when people ask what was the best Christmas gift you ever got, it’s hard to imagine what could be better than the early Christmas gifts I received twice in my life on December 17th.

7 thoughts on “36&5

  1. Such a wonderful post Aimee – Happy Birthday to your dear Carlos! They do grow up so fast – when Hannah was born my sister and I would look at her and think “I wonder what she’ll be like at 3?” In March she’ll be 20 already!

    Glad you took the time to get your run in – I just checked weather.com and its 30 degrees but with the wind chill feels like 21 – still think I may bundle up and get out there though!

    • You’re not kidding Biz, I feel like I was just holding my baby boy and now I can barely lift him! I’ve enjoyed every stage and as much as I miss that little baby I am so enjoying my little boy. I think it’s great that you and Hannah still make time for one another. I know that it gets harder as they get older.

      I make Carlos bundle up on even the coldest days and play outside for at least 30 minutes. If I haven’t already run outside I am out there with him. It seems to stave off colds and the winter blahs. Something about that crisp cold air!

  2. It’s so great that you are grateful. So many have so much and can’t see it. What a cute big boy you have there!! And I’m sorry for the loss of Ralph – sounds like he was a real force in your life.

  3. Happy Birthday to Carlos and your sister ๐Ÿ™‚ I imagine that five will be such a fun age! It looks like he had a great birthday. I also love me some Mario Kart, so I understand Carlos’ excitement. haha ๐Ÿ™‚

    The weather here has been pretty weird lately, it will be 55 one day and 20 the next, not sure what’s up with that. My husband emailed me this evening and said it was 9am where is deployed, and that is was -8*…haha no thanks!

    • Oh my goodness -8! I hope your husband is able to stay warm and safe somewhere indoors.

      Mario Kart is so fun! We have plans for a little Wii dancing this afternoon.

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