Bragging Rights

I have been itching to run a race since the marathon. I also intend on completing my goal to run a race every month this year and I didn’t have anything on the October calendar.

On a whim this Sunday I ran the 10th Annual Peaked Mountain Commemorative 7K Trail Race organized by the Trustees of Reservations. Despite the dreary grey rainy weather I decided to do it anyway. It was awesome! There were only 25 of us crazy enough to run half way up a mountain, back down and around a pond on muddy trails. I loved it. I had no time goal because I’ve never run a race like this. I just kept repeating to myself, “don’t fall!” I watched the ground the entire way up and down the mountain to avoid tripping or slipping. It was a bit tedious, but I enjoyed the challenge.

I know it was a tiny race, but I was pretty psyched when the woman at the finish line told me I was the third female. Out of 25 people running, 15 were female. Since I was alone and had nowhere to rush off to I decided to stick around to cheer for people during the awards ceremony. A 7 year old girl had run with her dad and I was sure she would get an award. Plus they had hot apple cider! It was a friendly group so as we waited for the last runners to come through the finish I passed the time chatting with a few people. I also learned more about the Trustees of Reservations. I was amazed to discover so many beautiful reservations here in Massachusetts.

Peaked Mountain 7K Finish Area

Peaked Mountain 7K Finish Area

This was a bare bones kind of a race. No reinforced holes in the bib meant I ended up carrying it most of the way.


Peaked Mountain Reservation

Anyway the awards ceremony was really casual. Winners got to select a prize off of a prize table. I was more than a little shocked when my name was called for first in the female 40-49 age group. Yay me!!! Pays to have just turned 40. I actually came in 8th overall. Not too shabby for this 40 year old previously self-proclaimed non-runner who has only been running for about 4 years.

I was so excited on my way home, but no one answered their phone!!

Do you ever do something, go somewhere or have an experience that you want to share with the world, but every time you start to talk about it people go into a semi-comatose daze nodding occasionally to make it seem like they are listening? I’m used to this phenomenon.  I’m pretty sure as soon as I say Peace Corps certain friends and family members immediately take a mental vacation.

I find I get a similar reaction when I talk about running. I can’t help myself though. I get so darn excited when I run a race or have an awesome training run and I just want to share my enthusiasm. However, most people aren’t very interested in my running stories. That was one of the reasons I started this blog.

Do you have anything you want to brag about or share? If so please leave it in the comments or email me at I would love to post about other’s accomplishments fitness or otherwise. I know it’s really difficult to toot your own horn, but come on let’s hear it!!

14 thoughts on “Bragging Rights

  1. I love how you just sign up for a race last minute – glad you had a good time AND didn’t fall on your butt! I should send you my cell phone number so you can have someone answer – I always have it with me and I would have heard every detail! 😀 Hugs!

    • You are so sweet Biz. I always have my cell phone too so I reply to text instantly and always answer (unless it’s my mom calling for the 50th time!). I was standing at the start of the race on Sunday looking around and wondering who exactly I am now. I kind of crack myself up!

  2. Yeah I would like to brag about this friend I met about 15 years ago (a smoker and a little overweight at the time) who is now winning mountain races and runs marathons!!! She is an amazing inspiration. She rocks!!!

    • Thanks Amelia. This means the world coming from you. Does this mean I get to brag about you now?! I know where you are today and I can’t believe I will soon be a proud honorary Tia again. Good luck!!

  3. Yay Aimee!! You deserve to toot your horn! Go for it!! Since I finished my first half marathon AND made Lifetime membership at Weight Warchers tonight, I’m sure tooting my horn! I usually posty progress on my Facebook page, and I’ve been getting tons of support from family and friends. But, I’m afraid they’re going to start getting tired of hearing about it already. So, I’m thrilled to find this new outlet for horn-tooting. I never get tired of reading about your accomplishments. I’m right there with you!!

    • Congratulations!!! You are having an incredible week. You are always welcome to pop in here or email me with any horn tooting!! Awesome job. You should be so proud of yourself.

  4. Hi Aimee! So awesome that you got 1st in your age group! Yay for you! It sounds like an especially fun experience for you. I wonder if more trails and hiking are in your future! 😀

    • Thanks Marion. I really enjoy trail running. I would definitely like to get more involved in it. I keep coming up with ultra marathons in searching for trail runs. I’m not sure I could see myself running 100 miles, but there is something rather intriguing about the 50 mile ultras. Hiking is another activity that I see myself doing more and more especially now that my son and I have discovered Geocaching. I will have to write a post about it. We are hoping to go again tomorrow so maybe after I have a couple of geocache hikes under my belt I will write a post.

  5. Hi Aimee! Now you remind me of Gordon (OldRunningFox), one of my Exercise Hero’s. I think you were a very good choice for Exercise hero too. 🙂 You make me almost wish I could be a runner too, I think I would like trail runs very much.

    I know the phenomenon you’re talking about – it’s very frustrating trying to share your experience with someone who can’t relate or isn’t interested. For example, no one (except perhaps my little sister who writes my Finnish blog with me ) is as interested in blogging as I am…

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