Montreal Marathon Results

In high school physical fitness involved sitting on the bleachers during gym. In college physical fitness was walking to the bars with a cigarette in hand. In my 20s I joined gyms and resolved nearly every Monday that “today was the day” I would finally lose weight and get fit. By Tuesday I was berating myself for screwing up my new diet and the vicious cycle continued as I got heavier and heavier. For as long as I can remember I told myself I was not an athlete nor could I be an athlete because I was overweight.

Then in my 30s I became a mom and suddenly life had a new meaning. My never ending plight to lose weight became less about my weight and more about leading a healthy lifestyle and becoming a positive role model for my son. As a result not only did my body finally change so did my mind.

For so long I believed I COULD NOT. I want to tell you that if you really want to you CAN!

On Sunday, 9/22/13 I ran my third full marathon in Montreal in 4:16:35!!

It was amazing. I feel fantastic. I can’t stop smiling!

A full recap to follow I promise.


12 thoughts on “Montreal Marathon Results

  1. Wonderful message, Aimee! What a super great run for you!!! So much of what we dream of is actually in our grasp if we get dedicated to our personal cause. ❀

    • I always feel so dramatic about my running Marion, but it really has been life changing for me. I was the teen who almost failed gym class for not participating. The fact that fitness is a part of my life now and I actually love it is still a bit strange to me. At times I still worry I will fall off the wagon and go back to my old ways even though, realistically, I know I can’t and won’t do that again. I love the way I feel far too much to ever go back to a time when I didn’t feel good about myself.

    • Thank you Jacky. It was such a wonderful feeling. I’m telling you though if you had told me 5 years ago that I would be running a marathon I would have laughed.

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