Marathon Training: Week 19

This week I just felt like running. My runs were good and on two occasions I ran more than the scheduled mileage because I felt like it. I enjoyed great outdoor weather for most of my runs. I ran on the treadmill twice and oddly didn’t hate it. One of the days was weather related and the other was by choice. Maybe it’s because winter is near and I understand that the treadmill and I will have to rekindle our relationship.


Scheduled Run

Actual Workout

Sunday, 11/20/11 Rest Day Rest Day
Monday, 11/21/11 5 Mile Run 5 Mile Run
Tuesday, 11/22/11 Rest Day Rest Day
Wednesday, 11/23/11 4 Mile Run 5 Mile Run and upper body strength training at the gym
Thursday, 11/24/11 10 Mile Run 10 Mile Run – My solo turkey trot
Friday, 11/25/11 3 Mile Pace Run 5 Miles on the treadmill including hill intervals and speed intervals; upper body strength training
Saturday, 11/26/11 8 Mile Run 8 Mile Run

Next week marks a big finale to the long runs. I will attempt a 22 mile run either Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather and my schedule which is always subject to change. I’m shooting for Saturday because it would be nice to get it over and done with so I can enjoy the weekend. This will be longest run to date and it will be the furthest distance I run before the marathon. I can’t believe that marathon training has reached this point. I am thrilled with how well it is going despite the early challenges. I haven’t even run my first marathon but I have already compiled a list of reasons why I know it won’t be my last marathon:

  • I have plotted about a million ways I could make the training better next time.
  • I dream about running certain marathons like Chicago, the Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. and New York.
  • Even better than the three I listed above, I convinced my husband with little effort to make our next trip to Mozambique to visit his family in fall of 2013 so I can run the Cape Town Marathon while nearby.
  • Do not laugh but I think someday I could beat Oprah’s time of 4:29:15 in the Marine Corps Marathon in 2009. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition O!
  • I love having a training schedule. It keeps me accountable and focused. I’m a little apprehensive about not having one, but not to worry I’ve got a plan already in the works for after the Disney Marathon and it’s not another marathon (at least not yet).

I reserve the right to change any and all opinions regarding a second marathon depending on the outcome of the first. These are the crazy things I think of when running. When I’m running the actual marathon this list could turn into reasons why I’ll never torture myself this badly again!!

Have a wonderful Monday!

4 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Week 19

  1. Oh my gosh, one of my goals is to beat Oprah’s time too! I too love a training schedule, I need a goal to keep me on task. Good luck on the long run this week.

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