Marathon Training Week 15


Scheduled Run

Actual Workout

Sunday, 10/22/11 4 miles 4 miles
Monday, 10/23/11 6 miles 4 miles
Tuesday, 10/24/11 Rest day 3 miles
Wednesday, 10/25/11 5 miles 5.5 miles
Thursday, 10/26/11 Strength training 3.5 mile interval run and upper body strength training
Friday, 10/27/11 Rest day Rest day
Saturday, 10/28/11 12 miles 15 miles

At the beginning of the week I was really struggling with my runs. I ran a sluggish 4 miles on Sunday. Monday morning was worse. I had a scheduled six mile run but from the second my feet hit the ground I wanted to quit. I felt off. I pushed on for 4 miles but then I made a decision to end the run. I wasn’t giving it my all. I was practically walking at the end. I knew that the next day was a planned rest day but I could sneak a run in if I wanted to.

I set out for a run on Tuesday after my husband got home from work. I contemplated going to Zumba, but the weather was nice. It was a perfect cool, crisp fall day. I wanted to feel the leaves crunch under my feet. I ran a 3 mile loop around where I live and just like that I felt things begin to click back into place. My pace was quicker, my breathing better, and I was moving comfortably on my feet. That unplanned short run seemed to reignite the running fire. Wednesday’s run went well. On Thursday I felt ready for a speed workout on the treadmill having been inspired by Biz’s 6 minute mile. She rocks a 6 minute mile pace for one minute. Incredible! It is amazing what our bodies are capable of when we push out of our comfort zone a little bit. I didn’t get up to 10 mph but I did get up to 9 mph for 20 seconds twice! I ended up running a total of 3.5 miles and then did some upper body strength training at the gym. Friday I rested in preparation for my long run on Saturday.

I knew that I had to get the long run done on Saturday because of the predicted snow. I stopped home quickly after work on Saturday morning and changed into my running clothes. I had a 12 mile run planned. I am so bored with running locations right now. I ran out the front door and let my legs guide me. I was in the zone. I felt like Forrest Gump! I ran and ran until I reached my favorite reservoir in the next town. Turns out it’s really only about 6.5 miles away. I ran one 3.5 mile loop around the reservoir and then back home a different way. My 12 mile run turned into 15 and for the first time since I began marathon training I was sure I could have run a marathon. I really wanted to complete 17 miles. I could have done it, but my son’s soccer jamboree was set to begin in an hour and I had to get ready. I experienced the glow of my runner’s high all day long. Seriously I wanted to tell everyone I came in contact with, “Hi my name is Aimee and I ran 15 miles this morning!” I mean come on who am I? I am the girl who “can’t” run, right? Not any more. I may not be super fast or have long slender legs, but I am proof that anyone can run.

I started this blog to document my marathon training so I could look back at the journey. Although I hoped people would pop by and give it a read I didn’t count on the support I have received through the comments left here. I am truly grateful. I read all the comments and try to respond back. I also visit the blogs of everyone who comments and I have discovered some wonderful, inspiring new blogs. Thank you so much for reading.

9 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 15

  1. Glad you found your running fire Aimee! Woot on the speed training too. It’s weird how our bodies work – sometimes I feel like I could run forever, then next day I want to quit at 1/2 a mile!


  2. I also love the Forest Gump James-Fixxish kind of running in the movie. I remember in the 70’s when everybody’s neighbor or aunt decided to take up running. I used to run around the block over and over in my red Sears tennies. I totally understand why you would call your state of mind that when you were in the zone. You’re doing so well.

    🙂 Marion

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