Lighten up challenge – Day 2


How is it June already? Carlos gets out of school next Wednesday! 

I worked at the hospital last night. It was a nice steady night with one admission so no time to think about food. I had a banana and an apple along with coffee and almond milk. 

Working the overnights throw me off a bit now. I don’t have a routine and I have had difficulty controlling the binge eating after a night shift. Instead of looking for something to nibble on, I took a short 20 minute power nap after bring Carlos to school. I wasn’t hungry and I definitely couldn’t stomach anymore coffee. The rest was perfect and I actually woke up a couple of minutes before the alarm.
9:45 Smoothie with frozen blueberries, an orange, 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds, spinach, a few chunks of fresh pineapple and about a half cup of almond milk.

10-12:30 Two patient visits 

1:15 Lunch at Atkins Farm salad bar. Lettuce, cauliflower, cucumber, wheat berries, chick peas, kale/apple mix, tabbouleh, balsamic vinegar. 

I was feeling hungry on my way back from seeing patients. Instead of going home I am working from Atkins which is about 3 minutes from Carlos’ school. This is my view right now. 

Carlos had a friend over after school. I had a few pretzels while preparing a snack for the boys, but put the bag away quickly before I got out of hand with them.  The afternoons are challenging especially after being up all night. I made myself a dish of blended frozen mango and banana. I also had some sunflower seeds. 

I worked while the boys played, in and out, in and out! Legos,  trampoline, drawing, soccer and then we went to the playground. I just packed up my work and kept plugging away from the playground. It was a gorgeous day thankfully. 

Carlos’ friend wanted beef tacos for dinner. Um none of those in this vegan house. So we had dinner at a little Mexican place right down the street. We were out anyway so it was fine. I had a delicious burrito light on the rice, black beans and grilled vegetables. 

We dropped Carlos’ friend off at his family’s ice cream shop. Of course we were offered an ice cream. I was feeling full after the burrito so it was easy enough to say no thank you without having to say anything about being vegan. I like to ease into that when I’m getting to know people. 

We got home around 8 and I went to bed shortly after. No run or exercise but some days something has to give. 

2 thoughts on “Lighten up challenge – Day 2

  1. Too funny that he was so specific about what he wanted for dinner! And you humored him! I would have been like, “um, beef tacos sound nice, maybe your parents can take you for that tomorrow, tonight we’re have squash lasagna” or something.

    • I prefer play dates that have no food involved! Between the allergies and picky tastes it’s not easy to please anyone these days. The friend tried to order soda and I put my foot down on that. He tried to convince me his mom and dad always let him have soda.

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