Lighten up challenge – Day 1

During my nearly 21 miles of solo hiking, walking and running in New Hampshire this weekend I had a lot of time to think. I came to the conclusion that I am not so much bothered by the number on the scale as much as how I feel in my body. I feel heavy and weighed down. I know that I have been turning to comfort foods that while they taste amazing they don’t make me feel so great afterwards. They also seem to make me want more like a little is never enough. 

So I conjured up my own challenge with myself to eat light to feel light. I’m not restricting or dieting. I’m not fasting or trying to starve myself. I just want to see if I can commit to thinking about what goes into my mouth and eating foods and portions that result in a feeling of nourishment rather than fullness. 

This isn’t about weight loss although the goal is to feel lighter so I’m assuming that feeling lighter would mean I’ve lost weight. I begin marathon training next month and I want my body to be as ready as my mind is about this endeavor. The Chicago Marathon itself is expensive and there will be the added cost of flights and accommodations for me and my family. I want to go feeling well prepared and I want to run a sub-4:30 marathon again. 

My lighten up challenge begins today. I’m hoping to capture daily snapshots of my food, jot down a bit about my fitness, and maybe a few thoughts about how I’m feeling. 


Around 8:30 – Coffee and almond milk 

10:30 pineapple

Pre-run banana at 11:30 shown with Carlos’ school art work aptly entitled Bananas. 

Ran 4.14 miles with a friend. Then had a nice big unsweetened mango iced tea.

2:20 Bowl of kale with 1 teaspoon hemp oil, a shredded carrot and a half cup of steam peas with fresh lemon juice. No photo, I was too hungry! Actually I completely forgot to take a picture.

I interviewed a babysitter candidate at 4. We hit it off and ended up talking until 5:45 when it was time to take Carlos to soccer. Orlando discovered her friend sitting in the car and sent her inside.  I am using the online site Sitter City and the potential babysitter brought her friend along just in case I was a lunatic axe murderer. Ok she didn’t say that exactly, but her friend and sister encouraged her to bring someone for safety, but she left her friend in the car because she didn’t want to make a bad first impression. I totally get it. It is a crazy world. It worked out just fine and the three of us had a nice time talking. Then they chatted with Carlos while I made his dinner. 

I went for another short 3 mile run while Carlos practiced. Then I tried to get some computer work done. Did you ever have one of those super busy days when you feel like you accomplished absolutely nothing? Me too! Today was one of them. 

7:30 I shared a Granny Smith apple with Carlos while I prepared dinner. 

8 Dinner was half a cup of brown rice and half of this bag steamed:

Busy day calls for quick and easy meal. I put a little balsamic and a spoon of hummus and called it a meal. 

8:45 For dessert I whipped up frozen berries and a few pieces of fresh pineapple into a homemade sorbet. It was delicious. 

Now it’s time for a nap before going into the hospital for what will hopefully be an uneventful  night shift. Please please fingers crossed!!  

Honestly I feel really good right now. Not full or stuffed but satisfied. The fruit blend left me with a light sweetness on the tongue. It was a perfect way to end the day. 

4 thoughts on “Lighten up challenge – Day 1

  1. I get bringing someone with you when you’re interviewing for something like a babysitting job, but WTF was her friend doing for 1.75 hours? It makes me wonder, how long would she have just sat out there? At what point exactly would she have concluded you were an axe-murderer and done something about it? 2 hours? 3 hours? The next morning when she saw you dragging large oddly shaped garbage bags out to the curb? In my mind, if my friend had been in your house for over an hour and I hadn’t even gotten a text to say she’s okay, I would have started freaking out — either rung the bell myself or called the police. Bringing a friend was smart in theory, but less than useful in practice… Oh well, glad you found a new sitter!

  2. LOL! You make a great point. But I should have clarified that Orlando found her about a half hour after the babysitter arrived. I didn’t think to ask what their plan was if It was a shady situation. I absolutely hate having to find babysitters this way. I ask around, friends and coworkers but no one ever knows anyone. Geez I had about 10 babysitting jobs by the time I was 13! I have one more coming tomorrow night. She’s coming at 7 PM so I’m wondering if she will bring an entourage!

    • Okay, 30 minutes waiting is far more reasonable. I do wonder about the logistics of their plan though. I also babysat tons — brothers and neighborhood kids. But even the friends I know who have kids who are babysitting age usually don’t have kids who babysit.

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