Angry Vegans

A “friend” on Facebook recently posted the following:

Further grist for my own internal wrestling on my food choices, especially my (for now) decision to eat animal products. 

I can’t abide the insensitivity that is required to raise animals for human consumption, and yet, I am still eating meat. So I am participating in it. 

And yet, my body feels the best it ever has right now, after 13 days of eating only vegetables, fruits, nuts, avocado/coconut fats, eggs, and meats. I don’t feel well when I eat grains and legumes, staples of the plant-based diet.

This is one of the greatest personal dilemmas for me: Balancing my physical well-being with the ethics of my choices. 

And pushing myself to wake up, and not remain ignorant of the impacts of the choice I make.


At the base of this is her own conflict between how she feels about animals and how she feels when she eats animals. I get it. I’m sure many people, particularly animal lovers, struggle with this dilemma. The post in and of itself was about this woman’s personal feelings and struggle to do what feels good for her body versus what aligns with her values.  If she had left it there I wouldn’t have given it a second thought other than good for her.

It didn’t end there. At the end of the post she included this video:


Why this video? It’s ridiculous. I would never act like that nor would I use up that much energy to defend my diet. I’ve never seen a vegan person react this way.

For people wrestling with the ethical nature of killing an animal to eat it well as my mom would say, “if you don’t think it’s the right thing to do then you probably shouldn’t do it.” Stop blaming the vegans for making you feel badly. I’m certainly not going around pointing fingers at anyone.

I just wish people would stop all of this nonsensical arguing over which diet is the best diet. It’s not one size fits all. How about eating a diet that makes you feel amazing, gives you energy, keeps you healthy, and provides you with a variety of nutrients? We’ve complicated food over the years. Can we all agree that eating more fruits and vegetables isn’t going to hurt anyone? And can’t we agree that eating a diet devoid of fruits and vegetables is not healthy? It’s common sense really.

2 thoughts on “Angry Vegans

  1. Interesting post. My husband is convinced I’d be healthier eating meat (reasoning that’s what my German ancestors mostly ate), but I’m just not comfortable with it. But I also haven’t been able to go completely vegan. If people ask me about it, I’m happy to tell them that my reasoning mostly relates to how animals live and die in our system, but I also never tell anyone else to eat the same way. Although I’m fairly perplexed when people get upset about hearing about other cultures eating dogs or cats, because I don’t see a big difference (obviously they’re not eating pets). But one of my brothers in particular makes lots of dense comments about my being a vegetarian that irritate me to no end (but honestly, he’s irritated me to no end for about 36 years, long before I stopped eating meat).

  2. I liken people talking about their diets sometimes how people talk about politics. Not kidding when Obama was first running for President, I had this attorney I worked with who doggedly told me I HAD to vote for Obama and wouldn’t let it go. I felt it was his business who he was voting for, as it was my business who I voted for.

    I feel the same way about how people eat – what you want to do is fine with me as long as I what i do is fine with you. Ya know?! So crazy – just do you 😀

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