What a difference a week makes

I gave it another go yesterday. I successfully ran 20 miles. The weather was beautiful yesterday. I left around 5:40AM and by the time I finished it was actually quite warm. I ended up stopping at McDonald’s again, but this time it was around mile 16 for some ice water. It was a good run…uneventful and steady. It was exactly the kind of long run I was hoping and praying for. Most of the scenery was an eye sore, but I did take a spin through my favorite running trail.

Ashley Reservoir

Ashley Reservoir


My happy running place

My happy running place

My plan for this week is to run when I can, yoga at home 3 mornings this week, strength training once and lots of stretching and foam rolling. Carlos makes his First Communion on Saturday so I will try to get out early for a run. Sunday is Mother’s Day and there is a local half marathon that I’ve run before and I’m contemplating running again. I’m playing it by ear. Either way Sunday will be my last double digit run before the marathon.

Today Carlos and I took part in the 10th Anniversary Walk of Champions which benefits the Integrated Cancer Services at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital. We walked with a few of my co-workers. The event took place at the Quabbin Reservoir which is a beautiful natural gem about 25 minutes from my house. It was another beautiful day and lots of people came out to support the cause.

The Quabbin

The Quabbin

The rest of the day has been rather mundane. Carlos is hanging out with my mom. Orlando is working. I went grocery shopping, cleaned the refrigerator, chopped some vegetables for the week, paid bills and continued working on patient paperwork left over from Friday. I’m planning to go for a short run tonight with a friend.

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