Along the Charles

It’s Marathon Monday!! I’ve been checking the forecast for days now. You might think I was running the marathon. The plan was to hang out at my sister’s all weekend and then spectate the race today, but unfortunately I have to work today. My sister lives about 12 miles from Boston. Carlos and I did spend Saturday and Sunday there and I took advantage of the absolutely gorgeous weather to go for a long run. It was a return to the seen of my Achilles injury last year. As you can imagine I spent much of the run reflecting on this past year. Due to the sinus surgery I just had I was forced to take the run very slowly so I had a lot of time to think as I ran 20 miles along the Charles River from Waltham, MA into Boston and back.

I saw so many runners who are likely running the Boston Marathon today. I felt a bit like an imposter almost like I didn’t belong. I mean it’s Boston after all. The Boston Marathon holds a distinction that to me no other marathon can claim. I think the fact that you have to qualify to run Boston makes it special not elitist as someone recently argued to me. You can raise money and run it as a fundraiser which is wonderful and selfless. Maybe someday I’ll have to do that in order to run Boston, but for now the dream of qualifying for Boston is a goal…a seemingly unattainable goal. My experience with running has taught me to never say never. I do know that this year won’t be the year.

Since  I was going it slow on my long run I decided to enjoy the change of scenery, take some photos, Tweet and Instagram along the way. Here are some of the photos:


Early morning start in Waltham


Duck in stillness


Rowing along the Charles River


Sun rising above Boston


I’ve made it to Boston!!


Such a peaceful scene


A beautiful day




Turning the corner in Watertown. 4 more miles to go.


Remnant of winter


This is where I stood last year as I made the tearful decision to stop my long training run because of excruciating ankle pain.


This year I made it all 20 miles! Vermont City Marathon is on!!

I made it home this morning from dropping Carlos off at rock climbing camp to catch the men’s elite start. Oh my goodness I get such chills. I can’t fathom how quickly their legs have to move. The weather is holding out so far and it’s actually close to ideal running weather. The women are at about 1:04 in and the announcer just reported that they are almost half way done. Truly amazing!! I would love to see Desiree Linden win, but it seems to me like she’s pulled ahead a little too early. She’s got some really strong competition at her heels, literally. Wheelchair winner, Marcel Hug of Switzerland, just finished in 1:29:53.  Wave 3 just started. There is some rain coming down now in Boston, but it’s pouring where I am in Western Mass so hopefully the downpour will hold off for the runners. Desiree has dropped back as they enter the Newton hills. The African women look strong as usual. It’s anyone’s race right now.

I’ll continue to watch the event live streaming on my computer while I get some work done.

3 thoughts on “Along the Charles

  1. I was thinking about texting you to see if you were out there watching in the rain. Boo to having to work, I thought it was a Massachusetts holiday observed by all! But glad you get to watch while you work!

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