North to South

This weekend I will embark on a little journey outside of my comfort zone. I have been reading about various health and wellness related conferences and events for some time now. They look interesting. I am intrigued by the opportunities that I might stumble upon amongst so many other like minded people. So tonight I am off on a little adventure south to Shreveport, Louisiana where I will spend the night before heading to the small town of Marshall, TX, home of Healthfest 2015

Today actually began yesterday, Wednesday morning. I worked all day, but took a break to pick up Carlos from school. The only thing that makes this weekend bittersweet is being away from Carlos. I have only spent two nights away from him a few times. Sorry that might seem ridiculous to some, but I really hate to miss anything that goes on in his life. Sunday is his last skating session of the season. I have attended two of these ceremonies in the past, but still I’m sad to miss this year’s. Deep down I know this weekend away is as important for me as it is for Orlando and Carlos to have some time alone together. I am grateful for FaceTime though!

Back to yesterday…Carlos had a friend over in the afternoon while I finished up some work. After dinner I brought his friend home and stopped for a quick mani/pedi. Wow did that feel amazing! I was long overdue.

I finished up the rest of my work and took a short nap. I had agreed to work the overnight at the hospital weeks ago and didn’t really pay attention to the fact that I was traveling the next day. By 10pm last night it wasn’t feeling like such a great idea, but it’s always good to see my colleagues again. It ended up being an uneventful night. I enjoyed catching up with the girls.

This morning was a whirlwind of chaos. I brought Carlos to school, stopped at Whole Foods to pick up a few things because I had to whip up some kind of gluten free treat to send with Carlos to school on Friday for staff appreciation day, returned home, attended to work email, and started baking oatmeal raisin cookies. Suddenly work got busy, the oatmeal cookies were a disaster and I was staring at an empty suitcase at 12pm. I had to leave home by 2:30 to get to my mom’s so she could bring me to the airport. 

My oatmeal cookies had gone awry and baked themselves into one large sheet cookie! I ran a fork through the giant cookie after it cooled and realized I had just made really amazing gluten free granola! However, I now had absolutely nothing to send to school. My mom kindly arranged a box of biscotti from the bakery she works next to, but unfortunately they are not gluten free. I called the school to explain and apologize. Many of the staff are gluten free so they prefer baked goods be made to accommodate this need. 

For some reason the whole baking fiasco set off my emotions. I got a few work emails this morning which also frustrated my mood. This new job is very overwhelming and although I keep hearing it takes at least a year to feel comfortable, I am anxious to reach that point. I had myself a little cry and then moved on.

I finally got ready, packed and finished up with work. At last I settled in at the gate to await my flight and as soon as I sat the last two days (probably the last 4 months) hit me like a ton of bricks. I probably could have slept in that seat for a week. To be safe I stood up and waited for the plane to board.

It was an uneventful flight to Atlanta. I had a quick layover with just enough time to grab a tropical kale smoothie. I love airports that offer healthy options. The flight to Shreveport, Louisiana was aboard a much smaller plane and quite bumpy at times, but the flight attendant was great as was her coffee. The Shreveport Airport was so easy to navigate. I received an email from Hertz Rental Car as I landed. Hertz was right in the baggage claim area so I stopped there while I was waiting for my bag. They had my car ready, invoice all set as ordered online and I was in and out in about 3 minutes. The best part, no pressured attempts to get me to take all sorts of insurance. This was without a doubt the best car rental experience ever. 

I’m lounging in a large king size bed at the Holiday Inn in Shreveport watching Rehab Addiction on HGTV. I am looking forward to exploring the Shreveport tomorrow on foot before heading to Marshall, TX for Healthfest 2015. 

2 thoughts on “North to South

  1. Aimee…
    I CAN’T WAIT to hear all about Healthfest. I applaud you for stepping outside your comfort zone…GO GIRL!!!

    I don’t blame you ONE BIT for missing Carlos…I think I’m pretty much the same way..I don’t like to miss one moment of my family life and I’m not sure a lot of people really understand that.

    The cookie thing sounds horrible!!!! And then the work stuff!!!! You NEEDED a good cry. And probably a good sleep too!

    Enjoy your trip and we WILL plan something for when you get back.


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