Mystery race

I’m sitting on a train on my way home from a quick sightseeing trip to New York City. My son went home with my sister to spend a little more auntie/nephew time before their shared birthday next week. So I find myself alone and very contemplative. Fortunately I was also very sleepy so my thoughts did not consume me. However, with t-15 minutes to home I am awake and thinking about the fact that at 8:30 tomorrow morning I will run the longest and perhaps craziest race I have ever run. It’s almost laughable to think about. I waited until Monday to mail the registration, the deadline. I haven’t exactly trained for it with my typical organized training schedule. Instead I’ve mixed up my workouts with more weight training and yoga. My runs are shorter but faster these days. My eating is overall cleaner despite the issues I mentioned in my last post.

I’m appropriately scared and excited about this endeavor. Some people finish this race, but many purposely do not. I am an all or nothing kind of a person so I expect to finish. Then I’ll tell you all about it.

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