Insta Hike

Today looked like fall yet felt like summer. As the temperature rose to the low 70s by afternoon I felt the itch to get outside. Orlando was watching the Patriots game so Carlos and I went for an impromptu hike up a section of nearby Mt. Tom. I decided to play with the Instagram app along the way. Carlos had fun with the different settings. Here are our favorites.








5 thoughts on “Insta Hike

  1. So fun! I know, the temps were crazy yesterday – the Bears game started at 70 degrees by the end of the game it was in the upper 30s!

    Carlos is looking more like a little man every day! Love instagram!

  2. Hi Aimee! That’s pretty! I’m glad you too took that marvelous opportunity. I was out during that last warm day too–with Keebler taking an extended walk around our neighborhood.

    🙂 Marion

  3. Aimee…the weather has been gorgeous! I got up early before work every day this weekend to take Izzy for a walk…it was perfect! Carlos is getting so much older…those pics are just great and I think I want to start hiking now…it looks like so much fun!

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