Biggest Twist

I’m only 5 minutes into the most recent episode of the Biggest Loser and I want to punch the TV. Ooohh yes I am actually watching it on the TV instead of the computer. My husband just left to go to Home Depot, Carlos is in bed and I realized I hadn’t yet seen Biggest Loser this week. The sofa is all mine right now.

Anyway, what is the deal with these people? They are all pissed off that previously sent home contestants are returning to compete for a spot in the final three. They actually had to bring in a lawyer to review the contract signed by all contestants. Of course the contract made provisions for such a twist in the show.

The show is known for its twists and turns. Ultimately it is a game. The final five contestants don’t think it’s right that they worked so hard to get to this place and they don’t think it’s fair that they should have to go up against people who had the same chance but blew it. I get it, sort of, but at the same time these people were given an opportunity of a lifetime to lose weight, get healthy and come to terms with what caused them to gain the weight in the first place. Game or no game, at the end of this everyone wins if they have accomplished significant weight loss.

These people have made it to the final five and two of them just left the ranch. WTF?! I have never seen such whiny, entitled people in my life and believe me in my line of work I see a lot of whiny, entitled people. It’s been like this all season. When they had to switch trainers there was so much bitching and moaning it was almost unbearable to watch. In the real world you’re lucky if you can afford a trainer.

Oh what I wouldn’t give for 2 weeks on that ranch. Seriously it would be just enough to kick my butt into gear. I would do whatever Bob and Dolvett wanted me to do! In fact I would welcome the opportunity to pull an SUV around the ranch. Bring it Bob and Dolvett!!

The finale is only two weeks away. I have been very uninspired this season. There has been too much bickering, game playing and drama. If I had to vote for someone to win right now I would have to vote for Kim, the former professional wrestler. She has worked very hard each week. Damn girl lost 15 pounds this week to weigh in at 147! Amazing.

Clearly I have strong feelings about this tonight. If you watch the show feel free to share your feelings in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Biggest Twist

  1. Hi Aimee! I agree. I don’t even watch that show anymore because of the whining. I also think that they should be more grateful for the coaching.

    However, that is exactly the whole problem with people in general. If people do not feel they are getting enough out of something, they will not be satisfied. I bet that if you made a list of the whiniest people on the show, that you could foretell who will go back to their old eating patterns.

    To change, somehow, we have to figure out a way to see how the change will make us happier. <<Not just someone else's reason, either. Very honestly, if we have extra poundage on ourselves, some part of us feels that is the happiest way of living. A dramatic shift of perspective has to occur for our weight to dramatically shift. As you point out, I think that gratefulness for circumstances would be a start.

    🙂 Marion

  2. Aimee…
    I am with you…it IS just a game. And they SHOULD be more grateful for what they have already had access to…great coaches, good food, exercise challenges, the chance to make a change WITHOUT all the added everyday stuff getting in the way (a career, housework, children, anything that could happen to derail good efforts). They are basically in a cocoon, getting an opportunity of a lifetime and they are complaining?? Sometimes people just forget how lucky they really are!
    I have stopped watching the show because I found they focused more on the drama between contestants and product placement, rather than eating/exercise tips and motivation.

    • I would actually to love to see what the contestants are eating. Other than the advertised products you never get a glimpse into their diet which leads me to believe that the weight loss is primarily due to extensive exercise. This is so unrealistic in real life. I have a feeling this will be the last season I watch.

  3. I haven’t been able to watch it much this season, but I totally agree! So many people would love to be there … it does seem to be a lot of drama.

    • Way too much drama Jane. I obviously shouldn’t be watching either. It’s the only thing I actually watch, but I think this is the last season for me.

  4. I am not really digging this season so much, they are all complainers. Why would you walk away from the opportunity? And seriously, have they never seen the past seasons?!? I don’t even really care who wins, no one won me over. I think the show needs a refresh with less product placements!

    • I agree Jacky. Enough with the Yoplait, Subway, etc. I couldn’t understand why the contestants were so surprised by the twist given previous seasons.

  5. I would give anything for just a couple weeks at the ranch as well. This season definitely isn’t a favorite of mine.

    I remember listening to a podcast by Jillian Michaels a couple of years back and she said that the contestants were eating a max of 1200 calories each day, and some of the women they would drop down to 800 calories, because they could survive on that because of their size. That’s kind of crazy to me when they are working out 6-8 hours a day. Definitely not something people could put into a real life situation.

    • That is crazy Sam. I believe it. It is so unhealthy. Did you watch the season that the woman had her gall bladder out, returned to the ranch the next day and walked a ridiculous number of miles, like 10 or more so she wouldn’t lose the weigh in. I cringed through the whole thing. It was so dangerous for her to do that.

  6. I have never watched BL, but my biggest feelings about the show are:
    1. It encourages people at home to workout.
    2. It presents unrealistic weight loss to the normal person, with way low calorie counts and hours and hours of exercise.
    3. These unrealistic expectations discourage at home viewers because they’re not seeing the same results, which is sad!

    Like I said, I’ve never seen the show, but that’s my impression…correct me if I am wrong!

    • You are absolutely correct Errign. I think the same things as I watch it, yet continue to watch it?! I keep hoping those issues will be addressed and the show changed to reflect that. Wishful thinking. I’m done with it.

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