Shelburne Half Training – Week 4

I had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night off this past week which should have made me really productive. Instead I returned to work on Thursday night feeling exceptionally disorganized and unaccomplished. Indulging my sweet tooth made me feel tired. Hormones made me feel crabby. I think my husband and son would agree that I was not a joy to be around. The good news is that by the end of the weekend I was eating a healthy diet again and very quickly that bloated, heavy feeling disappeared once I cut the crap out of my diet.

I think because I was feeling so badly about myself I also projected those feelings onto my training for the week. In my head I insisted that I had an off week, but looking back at what I actually did makes me think otherwise.


Scheduled Workout

Actual Workout

Sunday, 4/8/12


3 mile run 3.93 miles around home
Monday, 4/9/12 5 mile pace run 4 mile pace run around home in just under 40 minutes


Tuesday,  4/10/12 55 minute tempo run I ended up doing 5.50 miles in 60 minutes. I did take it a little easy because I’m still having discomfort in the left shin. I am pretty certain that it’s because of the ice skating.


Wednesday, 4/11/12 Speed Training – 10 x 400 meters
  • 9×400 at 7.0
  • 1×800 at 7.05 intervals at 7.5 for 30 seconds with 30 seconds rest

Total miles 5.8 in 60 minutes.


Thursday, 4/12/12


Other cardio or Rest Hike
Friday, 4/13/12 11 mile run 10.65 miles in 1:44:25


Saturday, 4/14/12
  • Abs and arms
  • 2-3 miles with hill intervals
  • Elliptical 3.15 miles hills
  • Arms with free weights
  • Abs on ball
  • Lunges with medicine ball
  • Hip abduction & adduction machines

OK so enough whiny negativity. Let’s talk about something really positive like my long run this week. I had 11 miles scheduled for Friday morning while Carlos was in school. The bugger had borrowed my head phones the day before and when I arrived at the reservoir I couldn’t find them in my gym bag. That combined with a suddenly full bladder made my decision to return home easy. Back I went. I searched everywhere for the headphones at home to no avail. Lo and behold they were in the car all along stuffed in between Carlos’ coloring books.

I decided to return to the reservoir since it was such a gorgeous morning. My window of opportunity for a long run was closing quickly. Carlos had an early release day so his normal pick up time of 11am was 10:45 on this day and by the time I returned to the reservoir it was almost 9 o’clock. Off I went. Despite feeling really awful about myself all week I was feeling pretty good on the trail. The loop around the reservoir is about 3.5 miles. Although I had my Garmin on I decided not to look at it until I completed two loops around. I was more interested in going the distance rather than running for a good time.

My pace felt light and consistent. After two loops I checked my Garmin and discovered that I was pacing just under a 10 minute mile. My time at 7 miles was 1:08:43. Woo hoo! I high fived myself…not really. I knew I could make it another full loop around which would put me around 10.5 miles. I finished the loop and made it another .15 back to the car. I know I only had .35 to go, but there was no way I would be able to make it to pick up Carlos in time.

Nonetheless I ran 10.65 miles in 1:44:25 for an average pace of 9:48!!! Now that was a great run.


10 thoughts on “Shelburne Half Training – Week 4

  1. Yay on your great run, that is awesome! I hate it when little things get in the way of otherwise awesome plans … virtual high five!

  2. Great job on the run, Aimee! I really hate when I let myself eat like crap, because then it feels like everything is off and I just feel like crap as well. Glad you got back to your healthy ways 🙂

    • Thanks Sam. It’s ridiculous sometimes because as I’m snacking I know how it’s going to end. I think to myself why can’t I just stop or even better why did I have to start. I hope that I will someday find better strategies for emotional eating.

  3. Hi Aimee! I was reading this post, and see how much we are alike! The very same things bother you. And the same things delight you! It was almost like it was my thought, but different in facts.

    And your comment on my blog–well, did you date the cousin of my crappy high school boyfriend when you were in high school?! They sound to be of the same family! I could tell from your comment that you did not see that post as funny like some people did. I did *not* intend it to be funny. It’s fairly traumatic in the 80’s to find out that a boyfriend is caught with a guy!<<How's that for self-esteem issues!

    Anyway, when I'm grumpy, I exaggerate how badly I did with fitness–when I usually never do–just like you.

    🙂 Marion

    • It sounds like the boyfriends were one in the same. I knew he was no good for me long before it ended, but I was young and new to dating. Fortunately I didn’t allow history to repeat itself with subsequent boyfriends. I have had your post on my mind since and I have stopped mid-bite and discarded the snack I was intent on eating when I realized that it was not the best thing for me. Thank you for that post.

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