April First

I stink at April Fool’s Day jokes and normally I spend the day praying I am not a victim of someone’s clever prank. Some people are so good at that kind of stuff. This was the first year that Carlos really understood the meaning of the day so it was full of 5 year old type April Fool’s jokes. Here’s one I’ve been hearing all week:

Carlos: “Mom why do you have a spider on your head?”

Me: Ahhhhhhhhh get it out, get it out!!

Carlos: “April Fool’s”

Me: Haha you got me!

We put our heads together and tried to come up with a lively prank to play on my husband. This is all we came up with. We are pitiful, but determined to get better by next year.

I called my husband last night from work and told him that I wanted to register for the Philadelphia Marathon as soon as registration opened at midnight. I also asked him for the credit card information. Half asleep he gave me his blessing. After work I went to the gym and then finally home where I found Carlos downstairs alone. I reminded him of our plan and we gave each other a high five. Orlando came down a few minutes later with some laundry to bring to the basement. When he returned to the kitchen I excitedly reminded him that I registered for the Philly Marathon. He gave me a hug and said congratulations. I replied, “Congratulations to you too!” He was instantly confused so I explained, “I registered both of us so we can run it together.”

My husband backed up and started to question me, what?, why?, how? Then came the uncomfortable excuses, “I can’t run a marathon,” “I don’t like running that long,” “I only want to do 5K races.” I started encouraging him with comments like “It will be great. We can cross the finish line holding hands,” “You can totally do it. Look at your muscles.” Meanwhile Carlos was cheering for his Daddy “you can do it Dad” over and over. 

I was seriously ready to burst into laughter the more concerned my husband got. He was pacing around the living room and got more frustrated when I told him how much the registration cost for both of us. “I just don’t understand. I never said I wanted to run a marathon. I’ll run 5 miles, but not the whole thing. Can’t we get a refund?” Finally I lost it and blurted out April Fool’s!!! Carlos tried to keep it going, but the jig was up. Orlando looked so relieved once I told him it was all a joke and of course started nervously laughing hoping we were really kidding.

We were definitely kidding, but only about his participation in the marathon. The other part about me running it, well that was the truth!

Registration Confirmation for:

Dear Aimee,

Congratulations! You are now registered for Philadelphia Marathon Weekend. Please check the event’s official website for updates: http://www.philadelphiamarathon.com/ 




I have had the registration date on my calendar since I returned home from Disney. I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to register for this particular marathon so I decided not to mention my intention until it was official. On November 18 I will participate in the 2012 Philadelphia Marathon. This will likely round out my race schedule for the year. 2012 started out with a marathon, my very first, and will end with another marathon like bookends holding between them the contents of what so far promises to be a very active, challenging and fun year. While I may not cross the finish line holding anybody’s hand, my son and my husband will be there to cheer me on as always!


10 thoughts on “April First

  1. So, if we aren’t in Ohio that weekend(I need to check when Thanksgiving is) I totally want to come watch you run this! We’re only about an hour and a half from Philly. I wish I liked running enough to sign up for the 8k. haha

    Also, I loved the April Fools joke!

    • It would be fantastic to finally meet. We will touch base as the race gets closer and who knows after your 5K maybe you will enjoy running!!

  2. Aimee…that was a great April’s Fool! So glad that your son could help fool Dad 🙂
    Congratulations on signing up for the race…I’m sure it will be a great end to your racing schedule this year. As always, I can’t wait to be in awe of your training!

    • Kaye, my son is still playing April Fool’s jokes on us! I have a feeling he thinks it lasts all of April. Thank you for being so supportive of my races and training. It has been such an unexpected treat having people cheer me on through the blog.

  3. Oh my gosh, that is a great April’s Fools joke! I think my hubby would maybe never speak to me again if I did that! hahahah Congrats on signing up!!

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