Marathon Training Week 20

Marathon training is going great. With the unseasonal somewhat warmer weather I have been doing almost all of my runs outside. Not one run this week stands out as being bad. In fact they were all really good runs.


Scheduled Run

Actual Workout

Sunday, 11/27/11 6 Mile Run 6 Mile Run


Monday, 11/28/11 5 Mile Run


5 Mile Run
Tuesday, 11/29/11


Rest Day Rest Day
Wednesday, 11/30/11 8 Mile Run


8 Mile Run
Thursday, 12/1/11 Rest Day


Rest Day
Friday, 12/2/11 4 Mile Run


4 Mile Run
Saturday, 12/3/11 22 Mile Run 45 Minutes on the Arc Trainer at the gym and upper body strength training

I had a phenomenal 8 mile run on Wednesday. I am starting to feel like I’m hitting my groove with running. The 4 mile run on Friday was one of my fastest runs since my rib injury.

My long runs are always scheduled for Saturday, but the way I have designed the schedule I can do the long run on either Saturday or Sunday. I usually like to get it over with on Saturday. This week we had a busy Saturday. My car was scheduled for an oil change, Carlos had a birthday party and my husband and I had plans to go out to dinner. I scanned the weather as the weekend neared and Sunday looked like it was going to be a bit warmer. Rather than cramming a 22 mile run in on a busy Saturday I decided to hold off until Sunday.

I went to the gym instead on Saturday morning and did the Arc Trainer and some upper body strength training with free weights. Then I brought the car to the dealer for an oil change and enjoyed an hour all to myself in the waiting room. They have the most comfortable leather sofas. I sunk into the sofa with a cup of complimentary tea and caught up on blogs via my iPhone since my laptop had been at the Apple Store since the day before with a malfunctioning keyboard (I spilled some water on it accidentally, shhhh!). It’s all fixed now. I used to ask my husband to deal with all the car related issues, but I think I’m going to take over routine maintenance visits that I will conveniently schedule on Saturday mornings.

After a visit to Kringle Candle last weekend, my husband and I were intrigued by the restaurant there. I had this weekend off and we were able to get a babysitter so it was perfect timing. The restaurant is called The Farm Table. The restaurant focuses “on healthy, ethical and sustainable farm-to-table food practices and local vendors.” This is a photo from the week before when we went with Carlos. I wish I had some photos from inside because it was beautiful.

The Farm Table Restaurant at Kringle Candle

The funniest part of the evening was when Orlando came back from the bathroom and said, “Aim you have to go to the bathroom right now.” Me: “I don’t have to go now. I’ll go later.” Orlando: “No please go now so we can talk about it!” I opened the bathroom door and I knew exactly what he meant. It was stunning with its marble floors and counters that beautifully paired with quaint country accents of wrought iron, natural woodwork and faintly glowing antique lighting.

Dinner was fabulous. I had the Salad of Pears, Arugula and Great Hill Blue Cheese with Spiced Walnuts and White Balsamic Vinaigrette followed by Organic Roasted Delicata Squash Stuffed with Root Vegetables, Herb Risotto, Fontina Cheese, and Sauteed Autumn Greens. Orlando and I got separate desserts to share. He got the goat cheesecake with a fig spread and honey coated peanuts and I got the chocolate salted caramel dessert plate. Orlando’s was incredible. Mine lacked the salty sweet sensation I had hoped for.

I woke up feeling rested and ready to run on Sunday morning at 6am, a little later than I had planned. I had prepared everything the night before so all I had to do was get ready and go. Recap of the long run coming soon.

5 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 20

  1. Hooray for date night! Glad you were able to switch your schedule around. I agree, isn’t it funny how you can actually look forward to just waiting for your car all by yourself?!

  2. Your date night sounds like it a great one. I love great little finds like that. I kind of hate waiting places by myself, I’m weird like that 🙂

  3. Love beautiful bathrooms that should be discussed. But hate it when my dessert isn’t quite what I want–and someone else’s is better! Overall, it sounds like a really great time!

    🙂 Marion

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