Marathon Training Week 16

I feel like things are starting to come together again with my training. This was a good running week despite the aftermath of the October snow storm.


Scheduled Run

Actual Workout

Sunday, 10/30/11 Rest Day Rest Day 
Monday, 10/31/11  5 Mile Run 4 Mile Run
Tuesday, 11/1/11  Rest Day 3 Mile Run
Wednesday, 11/2/11  10 Mile Run 10 Mile Run
Thursday, 11/3/11 Strength Training At home upper body strength training 
Friday, 11/4/11 8 Mile Run 8 Mile Run 
Saturday, 11/5/11 Rest Day Rest Day 

I know that it might look like there is no rhyme or reason to my training schedule. I felt that way sometimes with my first half marathon training plan, but it worked. I have to stay flexible because of my work schedule, Carlos’ calendar and Orlando’s work schedule. This week was a perfect example of how I adapted the training plan around everyone’s needs.

On Sunday, Carlos and I went to spend the day at my sister’s house out near Boston. We ended up spending the night because my husband let me know that the power probably wouldn’t return that night and all the schools in the area were cancelled on Monday. Can you believe a snow day in October? I maintained Sunday as a rest day since I had run 15 miles the day before.

On Monday, my sister took me to her gym so I could get a run in. I managed to run 4 broken up miles; 2 miles, then check on Carlos in the gym daycare, then 2 more miles. I was proud of myself for running even though I was wearing my sister’s boyfriend’s sneakers because I didn’t have my own. Not sure if I have incredibly big feet for a woman (size 9) or he has small feet! Awkward!! Unfortunately I didn’t have my own headphones either so I had to borrow my sister’s earbuds. I don’t like to be negative, but can I just say how much I hate earbuds. Am I the only one whose inner ears sweat and seem to push the earbuds right out? They will not stay in my ears and I find them incredibly uncomfortable. So by mile 2 I was running without music. Treadmill = boring, Treadmill without music = torture. My sister was bopping along next to me with her earbuds in the whole time. Oh well 4 out of my intended 5 miles was better than nothing.

My Mom popped in for a visit on Tuesday afternoon and although it was a scheduled rest day I decided to take advantage of having my Mom there to watch Carlos and go for a short run. I did a 3 mile loop around my house. The weather was perfect for it though the streets were a mess and I was dodging branches and fallen tree limbs everywhere. It felt great to be outside and running so I didn’t mind.

On Tuesday night I woke up to a few text messages before work announcing that there was no school again on Wednesday. I had a 10 mile run planned because I already knew that I would be pushing off my long run until Sunday. I really wanted to get that run done. I sent a quick text to my friend enlisting her daughter to babysit the next morning. It was a cold one and the streets were simply not safe for such a long run so I decided to sweat it out on the treadmill at my gym. This time I had my own headphones!

There was school on Thursday which doesn’t affect Carlos since he only goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but it meant that he would go to school the next day. Carlos and I did some light upper body strength training in the living room. He uses my 2 pound weights and I used the 5 pound weights. I did some planks, modified push ups and a few other exercises. Then we had a dance party in the kitchen. I try to do something active everyday even if it’s not on my schedule.

I got my 8 mile run in on Friday as scheduled while Carlos was at school. My husband had a dentist appointment and a job to do on Saturday, and Carlos had a birthday party in early afternoon so I already knew that it was a bad day for a long run. I made it a rest day and did some stretching here and there throughout the day. I went to bed relatively early in preparation for my longest run to date. The 17 miler! More to come on that. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I can’t believe it’s Monday again.

3 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 16

  1. I really like earbuds, but my last pair of the one’s I usually wear (I think they’re JVC – in the electronics section at Walmart…tons of colors) broke so I’ve been making due with the ones that come with ipods and they are crap. They fall out all the time – the ones I normally use are excellent.

  2. Hi Aimee! I hate the ear buds my teen kids use–they always feel loose and annoying.

    I checked out your book list. I’ve read more than 20 on the list. I’m an avid reader too, liking many of the same authors you like. I just wish I had more time to read lately. 😀

    🙂 Marion

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