Yesterday was a low key day. I prepared the house for a visit from my Dad who is visiting from Florida. I cleaned and then baked this delicious banana blackberry bread that I found on Foodbuzz. I saved two pieces to bring to my co-workers and my husband ate nearly half of it before I went to work last night. I must say it was tasty.

After a busy two nights off from work I returned last night to begin a seven nights in a row. I enjoyed a relaxing visit to the salon yesterday evening to “paint” my hair as Carlos likes to say. I’m trying so hard to grow my hair out to donate it to Locks of Love. I have always wanted to do this but I’ve never been successful at growing my hair long. You are required to donate 10 inches from tip to tip. We measured my hair last night and it is about 5.5 inches if I were to cut it just above my shoulders. I’m not sure how long it will take but I’m willing to keep growing it until I reach the 10 inches.

Work was good. We have been extremely busy lately and have maintained a full house for quite a while. I am so lucky to work with a great team. At night it is just myself, the charge nurse and a mental health associate. We all get along so well which makes the night even more enjoyable. Plus I bring them treats! They loved the banana blackberry bread.

All night I had a slightly unsettled stomach at the thought of doing my long run this morning while Carlos was at school. I even forgot to eat my usual banana and peanut butter toast. I had eaten a small bowl of cereal at work and too many graham crackers so I wasn’t too concerned. I grabbed some fruit leather and Welch’s fruit snacks for the run. I gathered up my gear: Garmin, iPod, headphones, and 3 water bottles. I dropped Carlos off and decided to just go for it…12 miles was the plan.

I felt so great during my first loop that I decided to do part of the loop again to make 5 miles before I hit the car for water and a snack. I completed the first 5 in just under 50 minutes. Then I started out for another 5 miles. I was a bit slower, but there were moments during this second loop where I felt phenomenal, like my legs could run forever. I completed 10.20 miles by the time I made it to the car for a second round of water and a snack.  I only had 1.80 miles to complete my goal. Piece of cake! I finished the 12 miles in just under two hours and five minutes. It was a great day for a run. The rain held off, the sun was out, there was enough of a breeze to mask the looming humidity, I was running at my favorite reservoir and I felt fabulous! I’ve come to know some of the grounds crew there by face and the man mowing the lawn gave me a friendly wave or a thumbs up each time I ran by. As I passed him for the last time I signaled that this was it, he chuckled and mouthed jokingly “you’re crazy.”

I am a little crazy. My days are chock full. I love being busy and active. I try to take advantage of each day to do something fun, active and outdoors with Carlos. For so long I made excuses to not be active. I couldn’t lose weight as a result. I feel so much better when I exercise and it undoubtedly helps me to lose weight and has helped me maintain any weight loss.  I find that doing “something” every day prevents me from losing momentum which makes me less likely to quit. Sometimes “something” is as simple as a walk to the library. So while most would agree that I should get more sleep, I am healthier and happy than I have ever been. I don’t advocate that anyone try to emulate my schedule. It works for me and my family. I do get sleep, probably more than it would seem.

Our day ended with a huge play date at the playground. We went with my Dad, his girlfriend and her two granddaughters and then met up with lots of kids from Carlos’ school and their parents. The kids had a blast and the grown ups were busy chit chatting about the rapidly approaching summer break. It was a great day!

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