As I figured the break room at work has been full of tempting goodies.  I resisted a huge tray of a variety of cheesecake, cookies, rum cake and a bag of Lindt’s milk chocolate truffles.  And by resisted I mean that I didn’t gorge myself on these treats.  I did have one Lindt’s candy, seriously just one and literally, a sliver of plain cheesecake which was probably two spoons full.  I am really proud of myself.  I have vowed not to feel uncomfortable in my pants this holiday season.

I actually brought two pink lady apples to work to share with my co-workers.  They made a nice mid-shift treat and really did make me forget about the other stuff that was in the back room.  I also had a candy cane instead of my usual morning mints which made me feel more festive and indulgent.

I haven’t taken a day off from working out simply because I have had plenty of opportunities to work out recently.  However, yesterday I took it easy and just did an hour on the arc trainer at a comfortable level while reading.  I was still sweating and felt a good workout in my legs, but it wasn’t a strenuous workout.

Yesterday I made Potatoes, Sausage and Cabbage in the crock pot.  It smelled delicious.  Unfortunately due to my wacky schedule I didn’t even try any, but my husband said it was delicious.  The recipe came compliments of Roni on Green Lite Bites.  I used an entire onion because I love onion, purple cabbage, hot turkey sausage and 1/3 of a cup of apple cider vinegar along with the water.  I can’t wait to have some today.

The little guy and I just played a few games of Connect Four, one of his new birthday gifts.  He is really starting to catch on to the strategy of the game.  It was and still is one of my favorite games.

Plan for today:

  • make a grocery list for Christmas brunch and Christmas cookies
  • finish Christmas shopping (only a few things left to buy)
  • wash linens and change the bed
  • read 25 pages of my book (I’ve been reading “The Book Thief” for too long and I only have about 150 pages left, great book just haven’t had a lot of time to read)
  • take a family walk before or after dinner
  • run or go to the gym

That’s plenty!  Off to start the day…

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