This weekend was busy with Carlos’ birthday and my sister’s birthday on Friday, my friend’s son’s birthday party on Saturday, and the final T-ball scrimmage and pizza party today.  The old Aimee would have just threw her hands in the air and said “I’ll just start again after the New Year.”  Anyone who has ever struggled with their weight will know exactly what I’m talking about.  I would have gone hog wild and eaten until my heart’s content.  I would not have set foot in the gym until after the holidays or quite possibly until after winter.  New Year’s day would have been filled with empty promises.  Lots of “this time I will definitely do it,” “I am not going to eat carbs for a month,” “I will work out every day…”

I put my scale away last spring so I don’t even know what I weigh.  I do know how my clothing feels.  Dressing up to go out to dinner on Friday night was a new experience for me.  I slipped on my jeans, black high heeled boots and new black cowl neck sweater in a size medium and instantly felt great.  Everything fit.  The jeans are even a little too big.

I ordered a spinach salad which I shared with my sister and my husband.  For dinner I had a grilled veggie flat bread pizza.  I ate two slices and had a few tastes of other dishes around the table.  I didn’t feel stuffed and saved adequate room for a little cake.  My mother brought a plain white cake with cranberries and dusted with powdered sugar.  I had a small slice and coffee.  Earlier in the day I had gone to the gym.  I also ate on the lighter side so that I could enjoy dinner.

Saturday started with an egg white omelet at my sister’s.  She made it with spinach and feta.  At the birthday party I had one slice of cheese pizza and a small piece of cake.  I refuse to live a life that doesn’t involve birthday cake or ice cream or Christmas cookies, etc.  I have been learning how to enjoy a treat here and there without going overboard.  I could have easily gorged on the pizza, there was plenty of it, but I didn’t.  After a long drive home I immediately threw on my running clothes and set out for a run.  I arranged to meet Carlos and Orlando up at the college athletic fields.  I tried out the new Garmin for the first time and discovered that it was about 5 miles to my destination.  We walked around for a while as Carlos rode his bike.  I added another mile or so making it a little over 6 miles for the day.  Sweet!

Today included more pizza and again I enjoyed one slice.  I did a strength training work out at the gym this morning with a little cardio for balance.  I kept dinner light tonight.

This week is going to be full of treats. I believe that I now have the ability to achieve a healthy balance between my old habits and my new habits.  I will enjoy myself, but I will not overindulge.  I intend on maintaining my work out schedule all week.  I am hoping to get a double digit run in sometime this week.  I will keep veggies on hand.  I will bring healthy snacks to work (tonight I am going to share two Honeycrisp apples with the girls).  I will write about the challenges that I encounter during the week.

For the first time in my life I will not enter the New Year feeling horrible about myself.  I feel good right now and I intend to keep on feeling this way.  No going backwards!

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