12/17/06, 6:29p

On this day four years ago my baby boy was born.  Right up until that magical moment I had no idea if my baby was a boy or a girl.  It didn’t matter.  But I had a very strong feeling throughout the entire pregnancy that I was carrying a boy.

First look

Yup even with that loud cry, wide open mouth, closed eyes, scrunched up nose, and fuzzy hair it was love at first sight.

Everyone said it would go by quickly and man it sure did.  This morning baby woke up and announced that he was four today.  He even looked a little taller.

A big boy now

A birthday is a special day.  We are extremely lucky to be celebrating two very special birthdays today.  Carlos was born rather unexpectedly on my sister’s birthday.  I was due December 23rd, but I couldn’t have been more thrilled to go into labor just a few hours before December 17th began.  First Carlos had a cupcake party at school.


Bought not home baked

Look but don't touch

Orlando and I surprised Carlos with a trip to Build a Bear after school.  He made an adorable soft teddy bear that he named Stuffy complete with a firefighters uniform.  Since that didn’t take too long we also took him to McDonald’s for lunch (don’t judge) and to play (ie, tire him out for a nap).  Nap he did for over two hours.

Now we are all dressed and ready to go out to dinner with the family.  Tonight Carlos and I are having a sleepover at my sister’s so they can spend a little more quality birthday time together.  I am just happy to report that I haven’t even so much as licked the frosting on those delicious looking cupcakes.  More birthday photos to come (hopefully they will look a little better).


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