It has been a very busy holiday week.  The craziness began with Carlos’ birthday on the 17th and continues until Sunday.  December 22 was cookie making night with my mom, aunt and grandmother.  We baked macaroons, white chocolate raspberry bars, butter balls, Italian egg biscuits, oatmeal white chocolate chip cranberry cookies and peppermint bark.  They were all delicious.  I remained in control for a couple of days but then a cookie frenzy ensued and let’s just say I’m glad that they have all gone away.  I think that I managed to nip it in the bud before it got too out of control and I am now just about back on track with diet and exercise.

Beginning Thursday night, December 23rd I started a seven night stretch at work.  This was entirely my own doing.  I had initially picked up New Year’s Eve as an extra night bringing my work week to a total of 40 hours.  Then a co-worker asked me to work Sunday the 26th for her.  I jokingly said that I would if the boss approved the overtime since I was already doing 40 hours.  Well it was approved!  And let me just say that the pay check will be much appreciated.

I don’t think that I will do a seven night stretch again in the near future.  I am lucky that I love my co-workers because work itself has been a challenge lately.  Unfortunately I only have tonight off before I have to return tomorrow night.

My Dad is in town for the week so we have been carving time out to spend with him, his girlfriend and her granddaughters.  It has been a great time for the kids.  We’ve gone sledding a few days thanks to a minor snow storm on Sunday.

I feel like the house is in disarray, clean but unorganized.  I suddenly have a “to do” list a mile long.  I want everything done yesterday but I am lucky if I finish one task a day.

Despite the craziness I have managed to make time for a daily workout usually straight after work.  I miss running outside, but I am told that the weather is going to warm up a bit in the coming days.  My workouts haven’t been extremely intense but I keep telling myself that something is better than nothing.

I drank spinach smoothies a couple of nights before work to try to amp up my veggie intake.  I have had little time to cook and some days sleep won out over dinner so a quick smoothie before work was all I had time for (along with a side of cookies).  It’s all about balance right?!

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and the end of 2010.  Overall it was a good year.  I am still trying to decide on goals for the upcoming year.  I suppose one might be to decide if I should continue to blog.  I will hopefully be back with a New Year’s resolutions/goals post tomorrow but it might have to be on New Year’s day itself if tomorrow gets too busy as I am predicting.

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