We went to the North Pole tonight.  At least Carlos thinks that we did.  Actually we went on the Polar Express train ride from Lenox to Stockbridge.  Carlos wore his new Christmas Thomas the Train pajamas.  It was cold and felt like the North Pole when we arrived at the station.  Everything was decorated with lights.

Berkshire Scenic Railway decorated for Christmas

We boarded the train and Carlos got to fill out a letter to Santa who we heard might be making an appearance.  Carlos was a little grumpy because he didn’t have a nap and of course fell asleep in the car on the way.  He simply was not going to let me take his picture.  But I tried anyway!

Hidden smile



Now that's better

The train ride was about 20 minutes to the Stockbridge station aka the North Pole.  The  Polar Express book was read over the loud speaker on the train while young children walked around our car showing the pictures in the book.  Once at the North Pole we got off the train there for hot cocoa and sugar cookies.


Carlos and Orlando at the North Pole

Once back on the train the conductor announced that Santa was going to be coming on the train very soon.  The kids were so so excited and started clapping and making lots of noise.  Santa went up the aisle and talked to every child.  He graciously posed for photos.


All I want for Christmas is...

Carlos asked for drums and a guitar and some surprises.  Then we set off on the return trip to Lenox. It was a lot of fun.  Carlos loved it!  Apparently it is quite the hot event.  I found out recently that tickets sold out in September.  I am so glad that we got to go even though I must admit I’ve never read the book or seen the movie.  I plan to buy Carlos the book for Christmas and I will add the movie to Netflix.

Earlier in the day I took Carlos to the Christmas party my work has for children of employees.  The kids were treated to a Bubble show by Casey Carle of Bubble Mania.  I enjoyed it too.  He had a sarcastic sense of humor which I could appreciate.  The kids thought he was a riot even though they didn’t understand most of the jokes.

After the bubble show Santa arrived.  Instead of waiting in the long line a few of us let the kids play and got in line at the end.  They passed out gifts to all of the children.  Carlos was thrilled with his Crayola game and race car track.  Surprisingly when it was time he actually sat on Santa’s lap and told him what he wanted.


Carlos and Santa

It was a great way to start off this holiday month.  I hope to have my tree up this week and with any luck all of my Christmas shopping done so I can begin work on my Christmas brunch menu.

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