I ran the Hot Chocolate 5K yesterday.  I PRd with a time of 28:53.  This is great for me.  Fantastic really!  Yet I feel strangely let down.  I don’t know how to make sense of my feelings.  As I mentioned in a previous post I also pulled on a pair of size 10 pants this weekend for the first time in years.  Why does this all not make me beam from ear to ear?

At the starting line I seeded myself with the 10:30 racers even though should have at least stood with the 10 minute milers.  There I go again grossly underestimating my abilities.

My first instinct when I saw my official race time was that my tag was defective?  Not, “wow your hard work has paid off.”

For the first time before any race I had some tummy issues and had to endure the port-a-potty.  Needless to say my issues did not entirely resolve.  So I ran with tummy issues and a still unresolved minor cold and cough.  Do you believe that for a minute the thought crossed my mind that I didn’t deserve to PR this race because I wasn’t feeling great?  What is wrong with me?

I’ve got a little soul searching to do.  Hopefully I can shake this funk and get on with things.

One thought on “Funk

  1. Yes, girlie, you need a de-funkification!!! 🙂 You are doing AMAZING!!!! I know we all get in that funk sometimes, but it’s okay to give yourself that pat on the back for the good things that you have accomplished. You would do that for your kids, so you should definitely do it for yourself! YOU DESERVE IT 🙂

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