I had last night off.  Yesterday was extremely busy and ended with a rather dull psych lecture at Mt. Holyoke.  I actually nodded off here and there.  On the walk back to the car I lost one of my new gloves.  Bummer!  Before bed I finally managed to organize my google tasks.  I felt better doing that and I fell asleep knowing that today would be a productive day.

Today was a preschool morning.  We got up and got moving around 6:15.  I accomplished a few things around the house.

Beds stripped – check

Carlos’ bed made – check

preschool mountain of paperwork read – check

dishes washed – check

laundry in wash – check

clothes out of dryer and folded – check

We were out the door at 7:35.  I dropped my pumpkin off and headed back to the college for a run and glove search.  Sadly I did not find the glove, but I did run a swift 4 miles around the pond.  I felt good.  I think that I am definitely ready for the 5K on Sunday.  I am just going to play it by ear as far as my time goes.  If I PR great.  If not then there’s always next year to set another PR.

I was home by 9am.  Showered, dressed, dried hair, more clothes in wash, made half of the bed (don’t ask – my bed is such a production), ate delicious oatmeal, checked email, updated my iPhone, and brought the recycling outside.  Back in the car at 10:45.

Carlos loves to be surprised after school with fun outings.  He is definitely not spoiled.  I have been purposely not surprising him lately because he was coming to expect it and would get downright bratty when I simply took him home after school.  Here is a sample conversation:

Me: Hi honey how was school?

Carlos: Good.  What are we doing today?

Me: I don’t know yet.

Carlos: Oh do you have a surprise for me.

Me: No.

Carlos: No surprise. Well this is the worst day ever.

Really I think to myself.  I ignored the temper tantrum that ensued and since then I have not had any surprises up my sleeve.  However, today I decided we should start using our children’s museum membership.  So after school I tricked Carlos into thinking that I had errands to do and instead surprised him with a trip to the museum.  He had a great time and was extremely well behaved.  I had a nice time too chatting with a super friendly mom.  They are hard to find…trust me.

After the museum we were quite hungry and stopped off at Friendly’s for lunch.  Carlos was complimented by a woman sitting nearby for his good behavior.  It was a good day, what can I say.  There have been plenty days when I am sure others are staring me down with their judgmental eyes.  Today was not one of those days.

My mom called while we were at lunch to tell me she was home and my aunt was there too.  So I called my grandmother, picked her up and went over to my mother’s for a visit.  Carlos adores my mom, my aunt and my grandmother so he was thrilled to be with all of his favorite ladies.

At the last minute I decided that the last thing I felt like doing was cooking dinner.  Since I only ate a bowl of chicken noodle soup at Friendly’s (I am hyper aware of the nutritional info in most of their menu items and it’s not pretty, but the chicken soup isn’t horrible) I figured I could handle some pizza.  Our pizza here is cut in square so a piece isn’t as large as pie shaped pizza slice.

We got home and had dinner almost immediately.  Since Carlos hadn’t had a nap today he was set for a 6:30pm bed time.  Orlando gave him a bath after dinner while I finished making the bed and vacuumed the upstairs.  Then I put Carlos to bed after a couple of books.  He was asleep almost as soon as I shut the door.

Would you believe that I kept going?  I ran to the drug store for a few things.  Then I stopped at Kohl’s for Christmas pajamas for Carlos.  We are going on the Polar Express train ride tomorrow night in Lenox, MA and the kids wear their pj’s.  While at Kohl’s I decided to try on a pair of size 10 pants just for the heck of it.  Well you know what…they fit!  No funny jumping around, lying down to zip or sucking in of anything.  They went on, zipped and looked pretty darn good except for the length.  Too long.  I checked the petite section but they didn’t have the same pants.  I didn’t care.  It just felt good knowing that I could actually fit into a size 10.  I have done that in about 22 years!

Nope not done yet.  I stopped at another store to do some Christmas shopping.  I managed to get Carlos an acoustic guitar, a toy bull dozer and a flashlight.  The child loves flashlights.

Now that was one productive day!

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