I picked up our race packets for Sunday’s Hot Chocolate 5K.  I am super excited about this race.  It will be my last race of 2010, but I will be running it with my husband.  My mom and my aunt are walking the 2 mile fun walk with Carlos.  At the end we all get big mugs of steaming hot cocoa!  This will be the biggest 5K I’ve ever participated in with 5000 runners.  As cold as the day may be the energy of all the racers and supporters should heat things up a bit.

In other news, where the heck have I been?  Well I’m not exactly sure how all these days have gotten away from me.  Basically I have worked the last 6 nights in a row with one night off between.

Sunday was my only night off and we spent the day visiting a long lost friend in Worcester, MA.  OK she wasn’t really lost, but it’s been nine years since we last saw her.  That was also when we first met Jean.  We were all staying at the same backpackers in Swaziland.  We spent a day on safari together.  Then Orlando and Jean traveled back to Mozambique together and I journeyed to the US for my first visit in over two years.  That was in 2001.  It was amazing to see Jean again.  She is just as beautiful, interesting and inspiring as I remember.  We had a great time exploring the Museum of Fine Arts where her friend Lily works.  Carlos handled a day at the “boring grown up museum” (his words!) quite well.  We listened to beautiful Christmas music presented by a local choir and string ensemble.  The museum collection was quite impressive.  And the bathroom was, well, the highlight of Carlos’ day!  Just kidding…sort of.

The next three days were full of cleaning, errands, gym, running, birthday shopping for Carlos, and a few hours of sleep crammed in there.  Speaking of running we are off to T-ball at the Y in t-5 minutes.  I’m hoping to work out a blogging schedule soon and maybe acquire a few readers sometime.  Off I go.

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