I am a lucky lady…2 dates in one week.  This time I enjoyed a daytime date with my favorite little guy.  Carlos and I go on the occasional Mommy/Son date.  Today we visited Yankee Candle.  It’s one of the flagship stores and it is huge with lots to do.

Carlos was instantly disappointed.  “You took me to a store for our date?  Well then this is not a good surprise!”  So I decided not to make him wait for the good stuff.  We started with popcorn from their Popcornopolis store.  There was a variety of flavored popcorn but of course Carlos opted for just plain old lightly buttered and lightly salted popcorn. I tried a small bite and it was good, but a little boring. (As always my apologies for the poor photo quality.  I used my iPhone for these.)

Now that’s some popcorn!  Carlos was in toddler heaven.  We walked through the toy store.  Carlos played on a pirate ship with other kids.  There were pirate hats, a big steering wheel, ropes, nets and lots of other things that made it fun for the little ones.

Santa was in his workshop as always with Mrs. Claus, but the line was long and I think Carlos is still just a tad intimidated.  He stood and stared at him for a few minutes but didn’t fuss when I said it would be a really long wait.  We will see Santa next weekend at my work Christmas party.


Arrrgggghhh Matey

Curious Carlos with Curious George

We strolled through the Bavarian Village, took in a snow shower, dipped candles at the Wax Works, shopped a little and finally worked up an appetite for lunch.  We ate at Chandler’s Tavern right on site.  It is a nice restaurant, a little fancy for a 3 year old, but Carlos was well behaved.  Unfortunately he didn’t touch his lunch because his tummy was full of popcorn.  I enjoyed a roasted veggie panini.  The veggies were fresh and plentiful, but there wasn’t much flavor otherwise.

It was a fun day.  Carlos fell asleep in the car on the way home.  I even took a little nap before it was time to start preparing a few things for Thanksgiving.  I will be heading out for my own solo turkey trot in the morning.  I’m hoping to do ten miles.  At least that way I can enjoy myself at dinner (and dessert)!

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