In researching turkey trots in my area I was a little disappointed to discover that there were no races close by.  So I decided to run my own little turkey trot.  I went to my favorite reservoir and trotted 10.5 miles!  It was about 40 degrees and overcast.  However, there was no wind and the sun made brief appearances here and there.  I was definitely not alone out there.  I passed by at least a dozen people on every loop.

I definitely indulged a bit at dinner but not like years past.  I ate mostly vegetables.  I had a few bits of pumpkin cheesecake, a very small slice of apple pie and one of my homemade granola bars.  I brought the granola bars and Angela’s Mandarin and Maple Spiced Quinoa.  They weren’t a hit yet amongst my all too traditional Italian family, but my husband, sister and I enjoyed something a little different on the menu.

I find that as I change my eating habits and continue to make lifestyle changes I am also confronted with resistance from friends and family.  It is not blatant disregard for my attempts at living a healthier life.  However, the subtle comments and inflexibility at family functions that involve food can be stressful.  I am committed to the changes that I have made and will continue to make.  I will lead by example because that is all I can do.  I can only change myself.  Everyone else has to commit to making their own changes.

Today I am thankful for so many amazing things in my life:

  • my husband and son
  • our good health
  • the ability to move and run
  • my home
  • my job
  • my family
  • a renewed relationship with an important person in my life
  • my ability to try new things
  • never giving up!

I have a lot of goals for this upcoming year.  I am so grateful to be here to work hard to accomplish all that I dream of.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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