I’m generally a patient person.  I am also extremely organized especially when it comes to appointments.  I immediately enter new appointments, meetings, events, etc. into my iCal and set an email alert for at least 3 days prior.  This is why when the hospital called to inform me that my son had an appointment this morning at 8 am I was quite perplexed.  Carlos is a tip toe walker and wears orthotics to help correct the problem.  We had to go a couple of weeks ago for a check up. They fit him for new braces and gave me an appointment card for 12/2/10 at 9 am to pick up the new braces.  Since I work nights I never make morning appointments any earlier than 8:30.

A woman called me last week to confirm my 11/23/10 8am appointment.  I immediately explained my confusion but she insisted that the appointment was scheduled for Tuesday 11/23.  She said that the braces were ready.  I hate to have Carlos wearing braces that are too small for him when new ones are available so I agreed to come to the “new” appointment.

I got home this morning around 7:15.  I rushed Carlos to get him ready.  I quickly brushed my teeth.  We left the house at 7:35.  The traffic was heavy on the way but we made it to the hospital at 8 am sharp.  Finally at 8:30 the man from orthotics called Carlos’ name.  He immediately began telling me that the appointment was supposed to be December 2nd.  I held the appointment card in my hand and told the man about the phone call last week.  He said that there was nothing they could do about that and essentially that we came all this way for nothing.

I left on the verge of tears.  My patience has limits.  Someone on their end made a mistake, but I am the one inconvenienced.  No sincere apology was offered.  I had asked the woman on the phone last week to please double check with the orthotics people and she insisted that what was in her book was correct. There goes one and a half hours of my time today that could have been better spent doing a number of other things.

On the positive side, Carlos and I are going to meet my mom at the mall in a bit.  I will then head over to the reservoir for a quick run while they shop ride the escalator up and down.  Work was really good last night.  I’m working again tonight but I have tomorrow off.  Thursday is Thanksgiving and I am going to make Mandarin and Maple Spiced Quinoa from Oh She Glows.  I baked two breads yesterday for a work bake sale today.  They came out delicious.  I baked one of each for us too.  Orlando has already eaten almost the entire Pumpkin Cranberry bread.  Good thing he has an Apple Cranberry bread waiting for him.

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