I’m writing this from a computer center in a neighboring town. Carlos is taking a coding class. I am always on the lookout for local educational or cultural activities. This is a free class teaching kids the basics of coding on Scratch.  They are making virtual pets. They learned to write code to make the pet eat donuts amongst other things. When I was a kid I spent days writing a program in MS DOS to change the screen color on my Tandy Radio Shack computer. Things have certainly changed!

So the radio experience went very well yesterday. I was a bit nervous, but very grateful I had written out the answers to the questions. It helped things flow more smoothly and I was assured that I had done a decent job. They will edit my responses to create a short promotion for my son’s school.

My thoughts have been on traveling lately. I’m itching to go somewhere, anywhere. Carlos has spring vacation soon and I’m hoping to take a few days off because the two of us are long overdue for an adventure. I have a few thoughts, but nothing set in stone yet –

  • take the train to D.C. – so much to do and see, but I think Carlos is at a great age to start
  • Gettysburg – Carlos is very interested in military history
  • Florida – visit my Dad

I am starting to plan for a destination fall marathon. I was notified last week that I did not get into the New York City Marathon though the lottery so that’s out. Yesterday I submitted my application to the Chicago Marathon lottery and I’m planning to enter the lottery for Marine Corps as well. If I don’t get into those then Twin Cities Marathon it is! I’m not holding my breath so I’ve been looking at hotels, flights, and sites to see in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

I’m also planning a getaway for Orlando and me to Ottawa to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary also this fall. My plan is to spend an entire day here.


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