Marathon Training – Week 6 Phase 3, Marathon Focus

Week 6

Critical Runs

  • Tuesday, 9/15/15 – 6 miles with 5 miles at half marathon pace
  • Thursday, 9/17/15 – 90 minutes medium long run with at least 10×30 second pick ups
  • Sunday, 9/20/15 – at least 2 hours with 45-60 minutes at marathon pace

Monday, 9/14/15

  • 45-60 minute easy

I ran 3.32 miles with Kate in 45:10 (avg pace 13:37min/mile). Busy day. I’m getting a little tired of running in the dark early mornings. I waited and ran while Carlos was at swimming practice.

Tuesday, 9/15/15

  • easy 2 miles, 5 by 1 mile at 1/2 marathon to 10K pace with 400 meter walk/job between, 1 mile cool down

I really wanted to tackle this run. I was going to do it in the evening, but then I found myself with a window of opportunity to go for a run before a hair appointment. I mean who really wants to get their hair colored, washed and styled and then go for a run? My hair is a complete disaster after any run longer than 30 minutes. I’m talking snarly rat’s nest. So I threw on my sneakers and hit the road. It was ridiculously hot and I only had time to do the critical run rather than the optimal workout. I ran 6.02 miles in 57:01 (avg pace 9:29 min/mile). I got to the salon and let my hair dresser untangle my hair!

Wednesday, 9/16/15

  • Cross training or Yoga

I did a few sun salutations and called it a day.

Thursday, 9/17/15

  • 90-100 minute medium log run with 20 x 30 sec pick ups throughout the run

9.04 miles in 1:30:02 (avg pace 9:57 min/mile). I accidentally programmed in 20 second intervals on my timer, but I did do 20 of them. It was blazing hot and of course I did this run around noon. I was nearing my house at around 1:25. I could have gone a different way to tack on the last 10 minutes, but I needed water badly.

Friday, 9/18/15

  • 45-60 minute recovery run

5 miles in 46:14 (avg pace 9:14 min/mile). What?!! And again it was another hot midday run. The time worked out better for me this week, but the weather was unseasonably hot.

Saturday, 9/19/15

  • Cross training or yoga

Carlos had a soccer game in Amherst at 1:15 and then he went home with my mom for a sleepover. I had loaded my bike on the bike rack and set out for an absolutely glorious solo bike ride through the valley. The fall scenery in the Amherst/Hadley area is beautiful. The air was warm, but the leaves were starting to turn. There were lots of people out and about. I stopped and had a salad at Whole Foods before heading back to my car. In total I biked 15.60miles in 1:42:37.

Later in the evening Orlando and I went out to dinner just up the street at the commons across from Mount Holyoke College. It was still so warm we were able to sit outside. We strolled around a little afterwards. It was nice low key evening.

Sunday, 9/20/15

  • 150 minute long run with first 90 minutes easy, 30 minutes at marathon pace and 30 minutes at half marathon pace

I may have skimped on some of my runs this week, but I never short change myself on the long run. I ran 15.08 miles in 2:30:10 (avg pace 9:57 min/mile). Miles 9-15 were all under 10 minutes per mile. My half marathon pace at this point is around 9:54. I’m trying to work my way back to a sub 2:10 half. My marathon pace is around 10:13 as I shoot for a sub 4:30 once again. This was a great long run. I felt good and worked hard.

Total running miles = 38.46

Total activity miles = 54.06

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training – Week 6 Phase 3, Marathon Focus

  1. All I can say is WOW! You are doing so great. I am finally 95% back from my bronchitis that pretty much sidelined me the whole month of September. Sadly, when the exercise goes, so does my healthy eating, so I am really happy to get back at it. Hugs!

  2. Great week, and particularly awesome long run. I also would have done the same thing re: my hair — no chance I would run after getting it cut and blown out.

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