Hartford Marathon Training – Week 3 Phase 3, Marathon Focus

After sharing my disappointment about last week’s training and concerns that this week may be just as busy and unpredictable I was presented with a different plan for the week which gave me the option between optimal and critical runs. If all was going well I could do all of the optimal runs, but if I ran into time constraints then I could just focus on the three critical runs.

Critical Runs

  • Tuesday, 8/25/15 – 6 miles with 4 miles at half marathon pace
  • Thursday, 8/27/15 – 90 minutes medium long run
  • Saturday, 8/29/15 – Long run at least 2 hours with 20 minutes at marathon pace

Monday, 8/24/15

  • Optimal – 45 to 60 minutes easy

I did 2.21 miles on the elliptical in 20 minutes followed by 40 minutes of strength training at the gym. My legs were a bit sore and I just wasn’t feeling like a run after the miserable run the day before.

Tuesday, 8/25/15

  • Optimal – 2 miles easy, 4 miles temp (1/2 marathon pace), 1 mile easy, 4×1 minute hard/1 minute easy, 1 mile cool down

I ran 6.05 miles in 1:00:17 (avg pace 9:58 min/mile). I woke up a little late and didn’t have enough time to do the entire tempo workout so I did the shorter critical version.

Wednesday, 8/26/15

  • Optimal – Cross training or yoga

I ran 9.70 miles in 1:40:07 (avg pace 10:18 min/mile). In looking at my schedule for the week I knew I needed to get the medium long run done before Thursday. I was scheduled to work at the hospital Wednesday into Thursday and didn’t want to push the run off too close to a long run. My legs were still sore from Monday’s strength training squat workout and I ran this run on a rather hilly route.

Thursday, 8/27/15

  • 90-100 minute medium long run

I took a short work break to shake off some stress. I ran 3.04 miles in 30:31 (avg pace 10:04 min/mile). It was really hot and humid and also about 3pm. I ran up to the park to meet my friend who had taken Carlos and her kids to the spray park there. Note to self: Ludlow Road hill is killer.

Friday, 8/28/15

  • 45-60 minute recovery run

I was really dying to do the full tempo run from Tuesday so I ran 9.15 miles in 1:30:11 (avg pace 9:51 min/mile). I like these runs for some reason. I felt as though I really pushed it on mile six and my split was the slowest of all 4 tempo miles. Kind of annoyed by that, but overall a really good run.

Saturday, 8/29/15

  • 150 minute long run with last 20-30 minutes at marathon pace

I hiked with Carlos and his friend for about 45 minutes and then went on a solo 6.38 mile bike ride. Carlos’ friend slept over and Orlando had to work so I already knew I would be pushing my long run to Sunday. I didn’t want to run the day before a long run. I ate carefully throughout the day. I prepped by pre-run fuel for the morning, got my water pack ready and went to bed by 10:30. I was determined to have a great run.

Sunday, 8/30/15

  • Cross training or yoga

I ran 17.51 miles in 3:00:20 (avg pace 10:18 min/mile); last three miles were 10:26, 9:47, 9:48. This was a much better long run than last week. I felt better although not as great as I would like to feel. It’s the extra weight I’m carrying. I know it is. I also tried out a new pair of wireless headphones. Not a great idea. The ear buds were popping out of my ears about 5 minutes in and the charge died 2 hours in. I pushed it on the last 3 miles as prescribed which was challenging without music. I was hoping to keep them all under 10 minutes. I am not sure why the first of the three was 10:26, but the last 2 miles were my fastest miles throughout the entire run. I finished with a smile!

Total running miles = 45.45

Total miles = 54.04

It was a great week. I think having the option of focusing only on the critical runs took the pressure off of me. It was the last week of Carlos’ school vacation. I kept my workload light so I could enjoy as much of him as possible. Plus Orlando and I both celebrate a birthday during the last week of August. It was a busy but fun week. Carlos’ summer vacation culminated with a day at the beach with friends, a sleep over, and the first soccer game of the season.

Hammonasset Beach


One thought on “Hartford Marathon Training – Week 3 Phase 3, Marathon Focus

  1. Happy birthday!!!! And what an amazing week with SOLID numbers! Even if you’re not feeling it, the numbers are showing it — I think you’re doing better than you realize. I also think running will be easier if I can lose some weight (minimum 10, ideally 15), but for now, it is what it is, and like you, I’m trying to just enjoy that I’m out there doing it, and be proud of my runs for whatever they are now. Hope you guys had an awesome double bday week, and that cooler temps (but not cold!) head your way soon!

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