Hartford Marathon Training Week 3

I’m writing this as week 4 is quickly coming to an end. June is over. Fourth of July is tomorrow. Slow down summer!

For the first 4 weeks I’m following the same pace recommendations.

Recovery runs: 10:00-11:00 pace
Easy runs: 9:45-10:30 pace
Steady state runs: 9:15-9:45 pace (just do moderate effort up Skinner Mountain)
Stride workouts: 25 seconds at 8:30 pace building to 7:30 pace

  • Monday, 6/22 – 45 to 60 minute Recovery Run or crosstrain

Somehow I woke up at 4:10 and managed to get this run done early. I ran 5.54 miles in 56:27 (avg pace 10:11 min/mile). Later in the day I ran 3.32 miles in 49:54 with a friend who is training for her first half marathon. It was a really hot and humid day and it was a difficult run for her. 

  • Tuesday, 6/23 – 60 to 75 minute Pace Booster Run: Run 20 or 30 minutes at Steady State Pace in the middle of the run (Up skinner mountain for example)

I journeyed up Skinner Mountain again. This time I ran 5.34 miles in 1:10:04 (avg pace 13.07 min/mile). I did a longer warmup which also included some hill work. I seem to pick the hottest days to do this run and this was no exception.

  • Wednesday, 6/24 – Off or Yoga

I went for a walk in the woods before picking Carlos up at camp. Again I did not do yoga. Finding a balance between training, working this new job and enjoying summer with Carlos has been challenging.

  • Thursday, 6/25 – 60 to 75 minute Easy Run

I ran 6.01 miles in 1:00:16 (avg pace 10:02 mile/min. 

  • Friday, 6/26 – 10 to 20 minute Warm-Up + Fartlek Workout: 8 to 10 times 1 minute at slightly faster than 5K effort with 1 minute recovery jog + 10 to 20 minute Cool-down

I was really excited about this run and it never happened. Nothing happened! I did not wake up early as planned. I had a dentist appointment midday so I was unable to run between seeing my patients and picking up Carlos from camp. My husband got home late from doing side work and by then I was not feeling it. So I took the day off. 

  • Saturday, 6/27 – 105 minutes

I somehow managed to get up at the crack of dawn and get my long run done before 7AM. I ran 10.60 miles in 1:49:17 (avg pace 10:18 min/mile). The temperature was pleasant and the sunrise was beautiful.

  • Sunday, 6/28 – 40 to 50 minute Recovery Run or cross train

I ran 6.09 miles in 1:01:27 (avg pace 10:05 min/mil). I snuck in this run around noon. It was raining when I set off, but lightly. The last two miles it was down pouring. 

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