Winds of change

Life is busy, but good. This year has been like a pendulum swinging back and forth, a test of patience and perseverance. So many things that seemed out of control for many months are slowly coming into balance again, my weight, fitness, my marriage, the overall flow of life and my job. The only aspect of life that ever stays in focus is my son. He’s not oblivious to everything that has gone on, but his life remains as stable as possible.

I stayed the course throughout the ups and downs. I reached out for help. I switched directions about a million times. I slowed down, I sped up. Sometimes I just stopped. I wrote, I thought, I meditated, I cried and talked. I took leaps of faith and I trusted in myself.

Today I ran 16 miles, my longest run since marathon training last spring. I’m training again and running double digits. I’ve slowed down a lot, but I don’t care because I’m running again!

This is the beautiful scenery I’ve been so lucky to take in on my runs lately. If there is anything this year has taught me it’s to appreciate the small things and take nothing for granted.



4 thoughts on “Winds of change

    • Thanks so much for continuing to stop by here Bella. I love the journaling aspect of blogging, but it’s admittedly the first thing to take a back seat when life gets busy.

  1. Love that tree! I was in PHL’s burbs yesterday and was blown away by some of the leaves and how much I miss seeing those colors. So happy things are coming back into balance.

    • The fall is my favorite time of year. I’ll be sad to see the beautiful colors disappear into the gray winter soon. We actually had a dusting of snow yesterday!

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