9-22-14 to 9-25-14

Monday, 9-22-14

Morning: Dropped Carlos off at school and started the day with a 3.07 mile run and yoga. I have been to a couple of Margaret’s yoga classes before and she is a powerhouse of energy. She is a blend of confidence, poise, class and calm. She has such a graceful way of presenting her classes. On this day she told us the story of her fish and the theme of the class became moving like fish. It sounds weird, but it lent a different spin on getting into and holding postures. Margaret is tough, but in the most genuinely caring way. She “picked” on me a lot, but I also learned so much.

Afternoon: The rest of the day was busy. I got my hair done, did some errands, ate lunch and before I knew it I was returning to pick up Carlos. We raced down to his old school where he now attends religion class, CCD, a couple of Mondays a month in preparation for his first communion in the spring. He will be making his first communion with his friends from his previous school.

Tuesday, 9-23-14

Morning: Mammogram

Afternoon: Walked 1.66 miles

Evening: Met with my Peace Corps friend, Lili, for dinner in Natick, MA. She just got a job in Kenya and will be leaving in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited for her!! We met at a little vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Green Leaf just off the Mass Pike. I had the Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas (From the menu: Sweet and spicy filling of black beans and sweet potatoes wrapped in thinly sliced zucchini, topped with enchilada sauce and baked. Served with avocado and lemon. Drizzled with maple-balsamic glaze.) For dessert we shared a raw vanilla pistachio cake and coconut rice pudding. The food was amazing!

Wednesday, 9-24-14

Morning: I walked 3.5 miles with Kate

Afternoon: My mom came with me to Carlos’ school to pick him up. He stayed late for his first Wilderness Camp. This is an after school program that runs every Wednesday for 8 weeks. They go for nature walks, learn to distinguish different plants and insects, play games, etc.

We went to Carlos’ swimming and diving lessons. Then my mom took Carlos home so I could meet a friend at the coffee shop. My friend Marion actually works on the same unit as the occupational therapist, but we have never seen each other at work. We met at a colleague’s party. Her son was living in Russia at the time and was working for a Russian soccer team as their web master. Orlando and Marion hit it off and started talking soccer. Then Marion and I realized that we shared a love of travel. We get together a few times over the year usually when her son and his family are visiting, but we also try to fit in a couple of evenings where we just get together to gab. It was great to visit with Marion.

Since the weather was perfect I decided beforehand I would run home from the coffee shop which is only 2 miles so my mom dropped me off after swimming. It certainly was ideal running weather, so refreshing and a great way to finish the day.

Thursday, 9-25-14

Morning: Long run day!! Kate and I ran 9 miles in 2:03:54. This is her second long run on our new training schedule. It went amazingly well. Her breathing was no problem and her pace was steady and very consistent throughout the run. We ran at the bike trail so we enjoyed the flatness of the terrain. We ran and talked and the run seemed to take no time at all. I’m so proud of her!!

Afternoon: As if the run wasn’t enough Kate and I decided to get the boys together after school and walk while they played. They light saber battled while we walked the track at the college near her house.

Evening: Packed for our weekend away. Took a short nap before work.


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