Summer Fun

Slow down there summer! You had only just begun and now suddenly it’s the second week of July. The days go by so quickly. Home from work, change into running clothes, bring Carlos to soccer camp, run/work out, home, shower, change, pick up Carlos from camp, home, lunch, play outside or read with Carlos, swim lessons for Carlos in town, home, sleep, up, get ready and go to work. Phew I’m exhausted writing all of that and I didn’t even mention the play dates, strawberry picking, trip to Maine, a visit to Boston for a Peace Corps conference, long runs, walks to the library. These are the kind of days I don’t sit down because there is too much to do, too much fun to be had.

We spent the Fourth of July at my cousin’s lake house in Maine. It was a quick two night getaway, but much needed. This was the kind of vacation that made me remember how exciting summer was as a child. We went tubing, kayaking, I ran, the boys fished, we chatted, rested and most importantly we relaxed. I stayed on track with marathon training mostly because I was so excited to run in a new, beautiful locale. My training runs were challenging hilly jaunts along the lake, but I welcomed the change of scenery.

Scenes from my run

Lake view

Harbor view

Harbor view

Our meals were simply prepared with no fuss yet they tasted exceptionally delicious. The first night we had a cookout complete with hamburgers, hot dogs, a Mediterranean grain salad, and regular salad which was mostly for me. The second night was even more of a treat. My cousin has a “lobster guy” who supplies him with freshly caught $5 two-pound lobsters. Seafood is what keeps me from becoming a true vegetarian. We feasted on lobster, corn on the cob and my black bean salad at the picnic table on the shore of the lake.

At night fall on 4th of July we ventured into the quaint downtown of Damariscotta for the fireworks. For a small town they put on a great fireworks display.

Downtown Damariscotta

Downtown Damariscotta



My son soaked up every single moment of the weekend. He was in the water within minutes of arriving. He went tubing for the first time and roped me into it too. It was so much fun, but a little wild at times. His tubing mottos, “the faster the better,” and “falling off is the fun part!” Who is this child?! He hopped into a kayak and took off for the first time like he had been kayaking for his entire life. He finally gave me a try in the kayak and I fell in love. It is one of the most peaceful activities I have ever done. We went out on the motor boat, in the canoe, and the kayaks. My cousin’s teen sons were so kind to Carlos and made sure he explored as much of the lake as he could in the short time we were there.


Summer Smile


Carlos in the kayak

At peace

At peace

On the way up to the lake we made a pit stop to Cabela’s to buy Carlos a fishing pole. Have you ever visited this store? It is an enormous mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. We could have spent hours in there, but we were so anxious to get to the lake we made our purchase and left. Carlos could not wait to go fishing. The first afternoon we were there he quickly learned how to cast his line, but had no success catching anything from the dock and was up at the crack of dawn the next day to try his luck out on the lake. I received this photo from my cousin via text at 6:20 a.m.

First catch of the day

First catch of the day

Maine is one of those places that begs you to wind down, relax and smell the proverbial roses. Though we had WiFi at the lake and I brought my computer, I never opened it. I was content to just sit by the lake enjoying the company and my tranquil surroundings. On our last morning my husband and I went out on the lake in a canoe. We paddled to a small island where we met up with Carlos who was paddling around in a kayak. The three of us sat there for a bit trying to concoct a plan to never leave! We drove home on Friday afternoon feeling as though we recharged our batteries, reconnected with each other and really truly relaxed for the first time in ages. It was much needed.

How was your 4th of July? How is your summer going so far?

4 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. Wow Aimee, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never been to Maine.

    I used to canoe in high school and in my early 20s. I haven’t done it for years, but I see people canoeing on the river by my house and I wonder if there is a group I could join because it is so peaceful! Tony’s idea of going on the water meetings bringing a cooler of beer!

  2. Hi Aimee! Well, Carlos is definitely having the time of his life–soccer, kayaking, and catching fish. I’ve canoed many times in my life, but never kayaked. I’m glad you never opened your computer. Same old stuff going on for news and internet anyhow.

    🙂 Marion

  3. Ah, sounds so lovely! My folks live on a lake up in Northern Wisconsin and it sounds similar — the kayaking, the fishing, the good food, and the relaxing on the dock — and hard to convince myself to look at a computer when I’m there. Glad you guys all got to enjoy it for a few days! I’m so jealous!!

  4. How fun! My dad used to take my sister and I fishing off the Santa Cruz pier when we were young. Those are memories your son will always remember.
    And I wholeheartedly agree that we need to pump the breaks on summer!

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