I mentioned in this post I am determined to ring in the New Year without any extra weight. What is it about this time of year that allows us to put our health and weight loss goals on hold? Year after year I permit myself to overeat, eat things I don’t normally eat, skip workouts all the while convincing myself that come January 1st something magical will happen to make the sins of the previous month go away. Only the magic never happens, instead I’m left feeling flabby and guilty. Well something has clicked in me over the past couple of years. As I get closer to my weight loss goal I find it more difficult to justify making excuses as to why I should put my goals on hold. Writing this brings to mind all of the excuses I have made in the past. I wish so badly I could return to my teens, my 20s and even my early 30s with the knowledge I have now. I know that this is my journey and this is just how things needed to happen, but oh how I wish I could tell my younger self how wonderful it is to finally be free of the weight. I refuse to let this month or any other time of the year be cause for me to go backwards.

Here are few things that are inspiring me and motivating me this holiday season.

  • Marion, my friend over at Affection for Fitness has announced the January Jeans Club. I recently mentioned that I bought my first pair of size 8 jeans and darn it if I am going to let anything stop me from wearing them come January. I will proudly join Marion and Satu, another favorite blogger, from Body Capable in taking part in the January Jeans Club by eating healthy, committing to exercise and staying focused on my goals despite the abundance of treats this month. Satu designed the badge below for those interested in joining.

january jeans club

  • I set a goal to run a 10K in under 1 hour during 2012. I didn’t meet that goal during a 10K race this year, but I have been running the 10K distance, 6.2 miles, in under an hour consistently for the last two weeks. I even did  6.43 miles in exactly one hour. So to keep my motivation going strong I am now officially registered for the Sawmill River 10K on January 1, 2013!! From the elevation map I have some hills to contend with in the latter half of the race, but I will not let that stop me.
  • This story of Breanna Bond, a 9 year old girl who lost 66 pounds brought tears to my eyes. I wish it didn’t take the child being bullied for something to be done for this little girl, but I’m glad something prompted the change. What really caught my attention was the way her family rallied behind her once the decision was made to get serious about weight loss. In talking about a 4 mile walk the family did daily Breanna’s mom said,“We went at night, in the rain, in the hail, in the fog, nothing.  We had a zero-tolerance policy.  We’re doing the walk, no matter what.” YES!!! I get this now for myself. If I want to lose the weight and keep it off I have to do the work. There are days I really don’t want to work out, but I do it anyway and I have yet to regret one of those workouts.
  • Helen at Doing A 180 has written a series of posts chronicling the 6 hours of black belt testing she endured. There is still one post left, but whether Helen passes or not doesn’t matter because she is already an inspiration in my book. I am simply in awe of what Helen has accomplished thus far in her journey considering the painful injury she has been dealing with this year. If you haven’t already read Helen’s posts please do especially if you are struggling with motivation this time of year. Way to go Helen!!
  • I have mentioned before that having my son was the impetus to finally get healthy. Well he will be 6 next week (sniffle, sniffle) and he still continues to inspire me to try new things. On Saturday we both tried something new.
Carlos rocks!

Carlos rocks!

Look at my little guy rocking that rock climbing wall. He is honestly one of the coolest people I know and I’m so proud to call him my son. He is almost always game for a new activity. His willingness to try new things spurs on my willingness. Together we make a fun team. I don’t have any photos of myself, but I do have a month’s pass to the rock climbing gym starting January 2nd! I loved it. It is challenging, scary and unbelievably addicting all at the same time. The pass will allow me to take the belaying class for free so I can learn to hold the ropes while others climb. I will also have unlimited use of the gym as well as unlimited yoga and Pilates classes for the month. I am so excited!!

What’s motivating you?

7 thoughts on “Motivations

  1. Hi Aimee!

    Thank you for using my January Jeans Club Badge and post in your blog. 🙂

    I have a kind of “double-envy” for you (this sentence is probably completely ungrammatical but I can’t be bothered!) – I read your comments on Marion’s blog and found out that you can fit into size 8 (my goal jeans are size 8) jeans AND you’ve hired a personal trainer.

    Congrats on both counts. I’m very interested in finding out how hiring a personal trainer affects your physical fitness in the long run.

  2. I love your 10k plan — you’re sure to nail your goal on the first day of the year! But I particularly love that you set a goal that you worked hard to hit, but didn’t. It meant it was a challenging goal, and I know sometimes it’s good to have goals that aren’t a stretch so you just feel good about meeting them and keep moving forward, but I think it’s the goals that are a real stretch that pay off the most. My last big running goal (prior to 2013’s big running goal) was my BQ goal set in about 2008 and I didn’t meet it until very late in 2010 — after giving it at least 6 honest hard tries. In some ways it was so disappointing to keep missing it, but I was so proud of myself for keeping at it as long as it took.

  3. You are rocking those runs Aimee!! I love your determination, and wish you would send some of it my way!! 😀

    And Carlos most definitely rocks in my book!

  4. Hearing about what motivates you makes me think about WHAT motivates me….I would have to say 1) how I look in the mirror, 2) small victories on the scale that show me that I CAN do this, and 3) seeing others do well with their goals…I’m not the only one working to change my life for the better!

  5. Thank you for your kind words Aimee! I say you’ll get that hour or under 10K when you race next, unless we suddenly have a heat wave lol! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    You’ve got a great attitude and great reasons to keep meeting your goals. Lots of folks could learn a lesson or two from you.

  6. HI Aimee! Well, firstly, I love how you love being a Mom. You not only adore your son, but you learn from him and with him too. I find no greater satisfaction than my children. I totally understand your sentiment about him.

    Thanks for the mention. Everyone is invited to join the January Jeans Club and use the cool badge that Satu created.

    I think that we sometimes forget that a little vanity about appearance is fun and helps us be motivated to stay healthy. Keep smokin’ hot in those size 8 jeans because all of the treats in the world can’t hold a candle to that. 😀

    🙂 Marion

  7. You are very inspirational Aimee 🙂 I know you will do great this December! The picture of rock climbing is so cool — looks like he is having a blast!

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