Forward Motion

The curse of December is upon us. Well it always used to be a curse for me. For years I basically washed my hands of any attempt at weight loss during the holidays. You know the old “I might as well just start fresh on January 1st.” Last year was a turning point for me. It was the first year that I did not gain weight over the holidays. If I remember correctly I may have even entered the new year a pound or two less.

Last year I went into the holidays with a slightly different mentality. I enjoyed holiday treats here and there, but I didn’t go totally crazy. I was also marathon training which doesn’t typically mean weight loss, but I was very active throughout the month of December and into January. 

This year I’m taking an even more proactive approach. Christmas came early for me. My husband and I never exchange gifts for birthdays or holidays. Instead we feel free to gift ourselves certain agreed upon luxuries at any given time of the year finances permitting. Today I signed on with a personal trainer for 12 sessions. Along with our sessions she is helping me to design a fitness plan for the rest of the week including strength training activities I can do on my own at the gym.

I love running, but it’s time for a bit of a change. I will continue to run for fun, relaxation (yes I run to relax!!) and stress relief, however, I’m not currently training for anything specific. I also recently bought a Groupon for a local yoga studio so I will throw that into my fitness regimen for the next 10 weeks or so. My fitness goals are to improve my flexibility, increase my strength and continue to improve my speed. 

I have also decided to meet the holiday food frenzy head on. Seriously this time of year really stresses me out. God help me I love treats and working in a hospital can be a nightmare. The doctors buy gourmet gift baskets, patients’ families bring in food for the nursing staff, the nursing staff brings in sinfully delicious treats for each other. I’ve got my boxing gloves on this year and I’m going to punch most of it away. I control what goes into my mouth not the other way around. I will allow myself to enjoy only the treats that really really interest me. No wasting my time on those Russell Stover chocolates when there are Lindts Dark Chocolate truffles awaiting.

Having a plan doesn’t mean I won’t indulge here and there, but my goal is to keep chipping away at the last 13 pounds I have to lose before finally reaching my Weight Watchers goal weight. I’m not going backwards this holiday season. It’s forward motion from here into the new year. 

7 thoughts on “Forward Motion

  1. I have never been a runner to go right from one race to another. I know many who do, but I don’t like being in constant training mode. It’s nice to have a break.

    My approach to treats is the same as yours. Most often I will not eat anything that is store bought. I only want delicious homemade things that have flavors I love. No eating a cookie just because it’s decorated for Christmas!

  2. Hi Aimee! Yay for you! Yay for me too because I have roughly the same holiday eating plan as you do. I already feel happy for us because we are going to be so happy with ourselves in January!!! We have 4 more weeks to finish our yearly weight loss goals before January 2013.

    I *love!* your recent investments of training and yoga classes. It sounds like you are in for a lot of fun and self-exploration. You’ve already proven yourself as an athlete with your running, so have fun with these new exercises no matter what. You have nothing to prove, and I’ve always found that having fun allowed me to be relaxed enough to get good at new exercises. Think of me if you fall over in yoga class, as I’ve done that *so* many times! I will be eagerly waiting to hear updates on your exercise developments!

    🙂 Marion

  3. Aimee…it’s been a great year for you and it sounds like you are making the appropriate plans to end the year great as well! I really applaud your efforts…you are such an inspiration! I as well felt the same…most years I always say…well, the holidays are upon us…might as well “fill up” and start again January 1st…BUT not this year. After doing Cassie’s # challenge leading up to Thanksgiving and then eating my Thanksgiving meal, as I was sitting on the couch afterwards, stuffed, I kept thinking…”this is NOT how I want to feel when I sit on a couch…bloated and stuffed.” So I made the decision to use the month of December to also try to clean up my eating, making my own weekly checklists of things I want to accomplish (drinking more water, having a light snack, walking the dog, etc). I LOVE crossing off the boxes! I just weighed in this morning and was pleasantly surprised! I won’t avoid all the Christmas goodies, but like you, I will determine what it is that I want most and treat things just as that…TREATS…not moments to eat until I pop! Thanks for a great post! Good luck with the yoga and personal trainer…can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  4. Yay, you go! I know what you mean about people bringing in treats to work … my work is like that too. And congrats on the personal trainer … sounds like a great gift!

  5. December is hard for me. For the last few years, I’ve been able to maintain, but it usually shocks me. But I know what you mean about taking a little break from running and mixing up the fitness. I’m so excited right now to know that it’s going to be 9 full months before I do another marathon.

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