My Noni passed away early this morning. In one sense we are relieved that she is no longer in any pain or suffering. However, we are incredibly sad that she is no longer with us and will miss her dearly every day.

Noni and Carlos

18 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Oh Aimee…I’m so sorry for your loss…like you said she is at peace and it sounds like you have a multitude of wonderful memories that will keep her alive in your heart forever.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your Noni. Sending positive love and light your way, my grandfather passed nearly two months ago, and I felt the same way. Relieved to know that any pain he felt was over, but devastated that he was gone. Hugs!

    • You understand Errign. Seeing my grandmother in those last few days I couldn’t help but wish for a peaceful passing. It’s how she would have wanted it. Thank you for your words.

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