Wordless Wednesday: Runners High

I'm working on getting my 10K time under 1 hour. On Sunday I ran a solo 10K in 1 hour 2 seconds. Getting close!


On Monday I made 3 runs in a row at an under 10 minute mile pace. Another 5K in under 30 minutes. Feels great to be getting a little faster.


My aunt lives in Agawam, the town I grew up in. While she watched Carlos for an hour on Tuesday I took the opportunity to run in a different area. Part of my run was on the bike trail along the Connecticut River. The weather was so gorgeous. It felt like a spring day.

I may or may not have planned my running route in Agawam to include running past the house I grew up in and lived in until I was 23 years old. This is it!

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Runners High

  1. Aimee, congratulations on your increased speed! I ran a mile the other day on the treadmill and it was at a 12 min/mile pace and I was DYING!! So kudos to you on a 10 min/mile pace 🙂 I know you’ll make your goal. So interesting to see a pic of the bike trail…I’ve been there a few times…not sure how long it goes??

    • Kaye I think the trail is only a couple miles each way. It’s pretty though. My family all lives in Agawam so I’ve taken Carlos there before to ride his bike and then we go to the School Street playground. I ran from my aunt’s off of Silver Street to Main Street, down School Street then follow the bike trail to Leonard Street and back up Main.

      Congratulations to you too. Do not worry about your pace. That is awesome that you ran a mile! Quite honestly my run in Agawam was one of the crappiest I have had in a while. Everything just felt off. I still have those days when the run kicks my butt!

  2. Yoiu are getting so speedy! Love the scenery too. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday! I am just about to get my eyebrows waxed – the pain only lasts 2 minutes but it hurts like a bitch!

    • I need a wax so bad it’s ridiculous. I know where Carlos and I are going tomorrow. The things I subject the poor child to! He gets to play with my phone while I get plucked and waxed so it’s a win/win!!

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