Marathon Training Week 17

Here is a snapshot of the week’s training schedule:


Scheduled Run

Actual Workout

Sunday, 11/6/11 17 Mile Run 17 Mile Run


Monday, 11/7/11 Rest Day 3.15 Miles – Interval training


Tuesday, 11/8/11 4 Mile Run 5 Mile Run


Wednesday, 11/9/11 8 Mile Run 8 Mile Run


Thursday, 11/10/11 Strength Training Rest Day


Friday, 11/11/11 Rest Day 20 minutes on arc trainer; 10 min run – 1 mile; strength training 30 minutes


Saturday, 11/12/11 13 Mile Run Rest Day in preparation for last minute decision to run half marathon the next day


I accomplished a lot this training week. Seems fitting that Week 17 included a 17 mile run. Wow 17 miles was surreal. I left my house at about 5:45 am. I didn’t have an exact route planned out, but I knew that I was headed toward the town my mother lives in. To get there I went through three other towns. I made a pit stop at my favorite reservoir and looped around one time just to pick up mileage. Much of the route was residential including one very long road with sidewalks. Due to the storm many of the sidewalks were littered with tree limbs and other debris. I was jumping on and off sidewalks and running in the road quite a bit. It probably wasn’t the best route, but since I left so early in the morning there weren’t many cars on the road.

I wore my CamelBak under my sweatshirt so I looked like a running hunchback! It was nice to have it right on me though. I fueled with raisins and Honey Stinger Organic Chews. This was my first experience with the Honey Stinger Chews. I like them, but the package is a bit bulky to keep on me. So far I’ve had the most luck with Clif Shot Bloks, raisins and Welches Fruit Snacks. Gu makes me gag.

The weather was on the cool side probably in the 40s. I had gloves that I wore on and off throughout the run. I layered a moisture wicking shirt, t-shirt and thin hooded sweatshirt and wore a pair of capri running pants. I was comfortable the entire time and felt as though I was perfectly dressed for the temperature.

I ran my heart out. I took short walk breaks when needed. I zoned out, listened to music, thought about a million things, made a “to do” list in my head, imagined being at the marathon and what it will be like to cross that finish line. I am pretty sure I actually teared up when I conjured up that mental image. The only thing I didn’t consider was quitting.

When I reached 17 miles I walked for a few minutes. I was still about 3 miles away from my mother’s house so I called and asked her to come get me. She laughed and said, “You made it this far and you can’t run the rest of the way.” She was joking of course. I told her that the plan was 17 miles and I was sticking to it!! My legs were sore at this point. I felt fine otherwise.

I’m not exactly sure who I’ve become, but I have to be honest I really like this super active person. It makes me so proud to think of how far I’ve come. I don’t dread the long runs yet I am challenged by them. Finishing any run is an accomplishment, but there is nothing like completing a double digit run.

Week 17 was a great week. I ran more than I was supposed to simply because I felt like it. I got in a good strength training workout on Friday. I decided on Friday that I was going to run a local half marathon on Sunday. Spur of the moment half marathon? Who does that? Me, that’s who!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

4 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 17

    • I like the Honey Stingers. I haven’t tried the gu chomps yet. I’m going to try a few more types before the marathon to see what I like best. I’ll have to add those to my list. I just don’t like the like the liquid Gu.

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