It’s been five days since I fell down the stairs. I am going back to work tonight and I’m feeling as ready as I can be for it. My mobility is much improved. However, I have to be very careful about how I move because turning or reaching the wrong way can send a painful spark through my body.

Initially, I resisted taking the pain medication prescribed by the ER Physician’s Assistant. I barely ever take a Tylenol and I just didn’t want to take anything too strong. The day after the accident I took only Ibruprofen, but by the following day I was so sore all over I could barely move. I couldn’t find a comfortable position sitting or standing. It was torture trying to get in and out of the car. That night I came home from a school event for Carlos in so much pain I was crying. I took the pain medicine, got settled into bed with a heating pad and set the alarm so that I could take the pain medicine as scheduled. I took it as often as it was ordered throughout the night along with the Ibruprofen and various homeopathic remedies. By morning I was feeling more comfortable and moving a little better.

I have continued to follow a rigid schedule with the medication. However, I am able to go much longer in between doses of the Ultram. I am resting as often as possible usually with a heating pad behind my back. I’ve done quite a bit of research on homeopathic remedies to help speed the recovery of a broken rib and while it’s not the course of treatment for everyone I am pleased with the results so far.

I’ve certainly run the gamut of emotions this week. Frustration probably tops the list. It is most frustrating that I can’t do even the simplest tasks like put my sneakers never mind tying them. Despite the overly negative emotions like sadness, anger and pain, I’ve been trying to stay positive. I am well aware that this could have been much worse had I injured my back or hit my head. This injury will heal in time. How I choose to spend that time is entirely up to me.

I am choosing to spend time reading to my son, working with him in his workbooks, and just chatting about all the things on his curious mind. I have returned to Spark People to record my food intake so that I might successfully lose weight throughout the healing process rather than gain weight which would make returning to marathon training a lot more challenging. I am also reading more, something I rarely take time for when I am active and on the go.

My husband and son are adjusting to the new me. It wasn’t easy in the first couple of days. My son reiterated the same sentiment over and over, “I’m bored.” Of course he was. He’s used to being busy with me, running around outside, riding his bike, going for hikes, trips to the museum, etc. I should be knocking on every wood surface when I make this next comment. My son has never seen me sick. He was 4 months old the last time I called out sick from work. My husband has seen me with things like a headache or cramps, but otherwise nothing has ever kept me from doing anything. I think that we all take my health for granted. This has been a huge learning experience for my family. It has taught us that we need to work together more as a team, and that while I’m usually capable of handling most aspects of day to day life I shouldn’t be expected to perform them all. We have also learned not to take our good health for granted.

This too shall pass, one day at a time. I am thankful for today.

6 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. I am glad you are starting to feel better, but what a way to really appreciate all you were able to do – I agree, we do take our health for granted sometimes.

    Glad you are getting some extra book reading in with Carlos though! And (knock on wood) I haven’t been sick in probably 20 years – I get a flu shot every year so I just tell myself “I can’t get sick!”


    • Yeah for flu shots! I’m a big believer in preventing illness as much as possible. My son keeps reminding me to do my deep breathing exercises so I don’t develop pneumonia while my rib heals. It’s very sweet of him.

  2. Hi Aimee, I came over here from Biz’s blog and my blog and am so sorry to hear about your fall! You are handling it amazingly, I would be such a big baby. Good luck on your recovery and I’ll keep checking back in.

    • Thank you Diane. Prior to the accident I wanted to get back into weight loss mode so I guess this forces me to do that. It is a good reminder for me to focus on portion control and a balanced diet. It would be nice to come away from this a few pounds lighter!

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