Bermuda Part 2

Enough about broken bones. I’m beginning to sound like a train wreck. On to something much more pleasant.

Our second day in Bermuda involved lots of walking. A cloudy, foggy morning gave way to a very hot, sunny afternoon. We took a morning walk around the hotel and surrounding area and came upon a lighthouse.

Lighthouse in Bermuda

Unfortunately it wasn’t open to tour but the views were breathtaking.

View of Bermuda

After our walk we enjoyed a gourmet brunch buffet at the hotel’s restaurant Windows on the Sound. It was quite the spread. There were Belgian waffles, pancakes, eggs and omelets made to order, a variety of breakfast meats, cereal, every type of bread, pastries, fresh fruit, a smoothie bar made to order, and my favorite the oatmeal bar with tons of toppings.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves so much so that we didn’t need lunch.

We decided to take the hotel’s ferry to Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda. We took the trolley down to the dock. There was a fun group of ladies also waiting for the ferry. They were celebrating the 50th birthday of one of the women. Giggling they asked if my husband would be so kind as to take a photo with the birthday girl. She was attempting to take 50 pictures with 50 different men. Apparently she even got one with the pilot in the cockpit! Orlando said it was fine as long as I was ok with it (how sweet). Of course I thought it was hysterical so I gave the thumbs up. They were also kind enough to take a photo of Orlando and I.

Orlando and I on the ferry dock

The ferry ride took about 25 minutes. It was so peaceful and relaxing. Here are some photos from the boat.

Boats in the harbor

Hamilton in the distance

The boat docked just below our hotel’s sister hotel the Fairmont Hamilton Princess. From there we explored Hamilton for a couple of hours.

Orlando in downtown Hamilton

The day grew warmer and warmer and all we wanted to do was get back to the beach. Unfortunately the ferry was not returning to our hotel for a few hours so we decided to take a bus back. We lounged on the beach the rest of the day until it was time to get ready for dinner.

We decided to go off hotel property for dinner to check out the Royal Naval Dockyard. Once the Britain’s largest naval base outside of the UK, the Royal Naval Dockyard was built in the 1900s. The buildings have been restored and now house stores, restaurants, museums and more. It was already dark by the time we arrived so I don’t have any photos.

We ate dinner at Bone Fish Bar & Grill which came highly recommended by the trolley driver and a few others we met in our travels. It was well worth the bus ride there. Orlando had the Fish Bermuda Style which was described on the menu as “fresh catch of the day, pan fried with Bermuda’s specialty Black Rum sauce, topped with Bermuda bananas and roasted almonds.” I had one of the dinner specials, Mahi Mahi marinated in a Pinot Grigio sauce then grilled with pineapple, mango salsa. Both of our dishes were delicious, but Orlando’s literally melted in your mouth. For dessert we had to try the Bermuda Rum Cake with Rum Raisin ice cream. Split between the two of us it was just enough.

We strolled around the dockyard after dinner hand in hand. Yup just like a couple of teen agers! We were sad to see the weekend coming to a close, but we couldn’t wait to get back to our little guy.

On Sunday morning we walked down to the beach before having breakfast at the Windows on the Sound Restaurant again. Check out was at noon which was perfect because our shuttle to the airport was expected at the same time. We got to the airport and made it through customs effortlessly. This was nice because we wouldn’t have to go through customs in the US. The airport was very clean, and had a cute restaurant/bar. Orlando watched soccer while I shopped for a little gift for Carlos. Then we were on our way home.

Carlos and I hugged almost the entire ride from the airport back to my sister’s where he spent the weekend. I was so happy to see him and it was clear that the feeling was mutual. We picked up his things and then drove back to our house about an hour and 20 minutes away.

When I went to work that night I couldn’t believe that I had woken up in Bermuda!

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