Marathon Training Week 8

Week 8 of my marathon training was great. I got all of my scheduled runs in plus two days of strength training. I knew when I was making out my training calendar that Orlando and I would be away this particular weekend so I didn’t schedule a long run.


Scheduled Run

Actual Workout


Sunday, 9/4/11 Rest Day Arms and Abs strength training at the gym


Monday, 9/5/11 6 Miles 6 Miles in 1:02:58!


Tuesday, 9/6/11 Rest Day Rest Day


Wednesday, 9/7/11 7 Miles 7 Treadmill Miles and upper body strength training at the gym


Thursday, 9/8/11 4 Miles 4 Treadmill Miles at the gym


Friday, 9/9/11 No Scheduled Run Long walk on the beach!


Saturday, 9/10/11 No Scheduled Run More walks on the beach!!


My runs were great. I felt strong and efficient. We had a lot of rain last week which would explain the treadmill runs. I don’t mind them as much as a I once did. I go at whatever speed feels comfortable. I increase my speed as the music speeds up or when I feel like I can tolerate a faster pace. I sprint for 30 seconds to a minute here and there. There is little rhyme or reason to my longer treadmill runs, and maybe this isn’t great technique, but it works for me to help me tolerate the monotony of the treadmill.

I brought my sneakers on our weekend get away. My husband and I had every intention of running together. We were really looking forward to it.

The afternoon we arrived Orlando and I were exploring the cliffs of the beach which gave way to some gorgeous views. Suddenly my left foot struck the ground in just the wrong way, my toes bent inward toward the sole of my foot on a large stone that was barely jutting out of the ground. I heard the middle toe snap and within seconds blood was streaming out of a tiny wound just below the toenail.

And then…

If I were a hard core blogger who documents every thing, the good, the bad and the ugly, this is where I would insert a very unattractive photo of my left foot to show the world my swollen, purple, bruised, wounded middle toe.

I just can’t bring myself to subject anyone to a photo of my foot even if it is manicured. I hobbled a bit at first but then I figured out how to walk with minimal discomfort by putting more pressure on my heel. I iced the toe, took Ibuprofen and elevated my foot whenever possible. I enjoyed the rest of our mini vacation with little complaint. I was really disappointed that I couldn’t run, and in the back of my head I was concerned about how my training would go, but I told myself that I would enjoy the rest of the weekend and worry about the rest once home.

It wasn’t too difficult to push the concern away when I got to look at these stunning scenes.

I promise more on my weekend get away in the next day or two. There will certainly be more toe talk too. For now I’m taking a running break and staying active in other ways. Today I went to the gym and did 60 minutes on the Arc Trainer followed by 30 minutes of strength training, mostly upper body. I refuse to let this obstacle deter my goals. I simply need to rework things right now.

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