My favorite place to run is a nearby reservoir. Although many people know about it, it remains a bit of a hidden secret. The full loop around the reservoir is roughly 3.5 miles, but depending on where you park it can be 4 miles from the car. The trail is wide and well maintained. There are beautiful birds to be spotted. There are even hiking trails off of the main trail that circles the reservoir. The grounds are well kept throughout the year. It is peaceful and scenic. Most days I see at least a dozen people out for runs, walks, bird watching, biking or dog walking.

Ducks on the trail

Reservoir Reflections

The grounds crew is always out and about during the day. I usually see them in the truck and I recognize their faces now. I always wave as they pass by. There is one in particular who gives me a big smile and a wave every time. Recently when I looped around 3 times he was mowing the lawn shaking his head and laughing as I passed him on my last loop.

Today that same gentleman, Andy, stopped to say hello as I was doing a cool down walk back to my car. He asked me how I got involved in running. We had such a nice conversation. He remarked how he sees so many runners, but he is impressed that every time he sees me I have a huge smile on my face. He mentioned that there is a running club that meets every Thursday night at the Elks Club where I now park since the infamous break in back in January. I might have to check that out.

I had a great speedy run. I was in sort of a rush to get home and get some things checked off my “to do” list, but instead I spent about 15 minutes chit chatting with this familiar face. As I walked to my car I was smiling even more. I am proud of my running story. I am happy to share it with anyone. I am grateful that anyone even cares to hear it. I also enjoy meeting new people. I learned from Andy how he and two other men are solely responsible for the upkeep of the reservoir and surrounding acreage. It is thousands of acres. He loves his job and jokes that he works in the largest garden in the city. They are doing an incredible job and I, for one, appreciate having such a beautiful place to run.

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