I am running this half marathon in two and a half weeks. Running has almost come to a standstill. I don’t have any excuses just matter of fact reasons why I haven’t been able to run as scheduled. I have been working a lot of overtime. Every now and then I actually do chose sleep over exercise. This past weekend was full with family obligations that couldn’t be missed. Sunday morning I left work with a nasty sore throat and I knew that if I didn’t rest and take care of myself all day then it would most certainly develop into something worse. I had an adorable 4 year old “nurse.” He loved doting on me and eating popsicles with me in my bed (covered with a towel of course in case of drips!). It was a perfect day for staying in the house. It was rainy and cold. We lounged around, watched kid shows on Netflix, downloaded preschool age appropriate apps on my iPhone and played Leapster games. I dozed on and off. My husband went grocery shopping, cooked dinner and brought us popsicles whenever we demanded politely requested. By morning I was feeling better and ready to run.

The weather, however, has decided to be uncooperative all week it appears from the weather forecast. Rain, rain and more rain. I will take advantage of the gym tomorrow morning while Carlos is at school.  Hopefully there will be a clearing long enough to get a long outdoor run in either Friday or Saturday.

The half marathon will happen. I will run it and I will finish it. My training plans have slowed down but they haven’t stopped. After the half marathon last October I really never quit “training,” so to speak. I continued running 1-3 days a week including speed work and a long run most weeks. I have done a double digit run each month since last October. I don’t feel like I’m starting from scratch. I also did a lot of strength training over the cold winter. This spring I’ve added Zumba and yoga into my repertoire of activity. I do not in any way feel unprepared for this race.

I attended my third yoga class on Monday. I love it. It is a beginners class. The flow of the class is slow and informative. I am learning how to ease into poses. The two instructors I have had are kind and patient. It is a perfect fit for me. I feel challenged yet I want to do it again the next day. I plan to go the next four Mondays while Carlos is still in school. I will have to take a break over the summer, but I will definitely resume the class in the fall when Carlos is back in school.

Life happens and sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Trust me I’m not great at doing this but I’m learning. I am definitely not beating myself up over the lack of structure in my training plans. Things have been busy and very active around here. It’s not as though I am sitting around. I’ll be reworking my training schedule and I will do an 11 mile run before Saturday.

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