Every year I buy potted flowers to hang on the back porch. I have never had a green thumb. Read: I killed a cactus! I know that I will have to get over my hesitation about gardening because my son is encouraging us to let him plant “things.” When I told him that we could maybe plant tomatoes in a big pot he replied, “I don’t think that is such a good idea because then you will make me eat a tomato.” He’s right!

Well for now I’m sticking to the farm stand for my hanging pots.

My little guy in the greenhouse

My handsome helper

Carlos’ favorite color has always been yellow so when I asked him to pick out the flowers he, of course, chose a mix with yellow flowers.

The flowers along with the gorgeous day made it feel like spring is finally here.

I went for a great run this morning at the reservoir. I am running a 5K on Sunday and today was supposed to be a strength training/treadmill speed training day, but I couldn’t bear to be cooped up in the gym when the sun was shining. So I decided to run one loop around the reservoir which is about 3.75 miles and incorporate some bursts of speed. I felt awesome at the end. I finished in 34 minutes which is great for me.

I have mixed feelings about this weekend’s 5K. I always push myself no matter what my goal is for a race. The last two 5Ks I ran I went in with the goal to PR and I accomplished my goals. This race is my first of this year. I am running it after working all weekend and all night. I know I’m physically ready to run the race but I don’t feel like I am running under ideal conditions to PR. In my head I am fiercely competitive with myself and I feel like I have to PR in each race. However, in my heart I want to enjoy what I’m doing and not feel compelled to beat my time every time I run a race.

This race is special because I am running with a very dear friend who took up running last fall after recovering from foot surgery.  Her husband and neighbor are also running. They blame me! I think it’s wonderful that I have in some way inspired others to run and participate in local races. My friend’s husband used to run seriously years ago when he was in the military. He would run 10 miles daily in about an hour’s time. Now that’s fast!

In other running related news I registered for the Old Sandwich Road Half Marathon in Plymouth, MA on June 5, 2011. We are going to make a mini family getaway out of the weekend. Carlos adores staying in hotels and he will absolutely love the swimming pool at our hotel in Plymouth. It looks like a lot of fun. Although I have lived in Massachusetts for most of my life I have never been to Plymouth. I am really looking forward to it.

The weekend is here. Although I have to work all weekend I’m hoping for a continuation of today all weekend.

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